Stand up!

Dear readers of the Atlanta Independent, I write this letter with great concern. I witnessed something that may be the undoing of our way of life in this beautiful country.

I happened to be in Washington DC to cheer the president elect, but what I saw was a horrific scene. I still cannot believe what I observed that day. I see myself as good citizen, upholding the law, of both government and God. Just as is expected of me. Expected of me and my wife, for we are one by marriage, and my decision is hers as well.

But some women seem to think that the holy union has no meaning anymore, that the head of the household should not be the voice of the household. Apparently, some of these so called ‘sufragees’ believe that they should have the vote as well.

My opinion is, and always will be, that the wife may have an opinion, but she shouldn’t be allowed to vote. It is the only way to have a rational government, not ruled by emotion, but by reason.

Join the fight to stop them, before our country falls into ruin.

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