My Big break in publishing

So the ‘Aries Daily’ has only been publishing for five years. But that still makes us the oldest newspaper on Mars. We cover a lot of ground, politics, sex, sports, you name it. And as first assistant editor for features it is my job to round out the paper. To make sure that we carry the kind of things our readers expect. I got the ‘ask al’ advice column, twenty syndicate comics, and a pretty good crossword and word jumble going out every day. But there is still something missing.

Five thousand years ago someone came up with the idea that where the planets are in the sky affects your daily life. Newspapers grabbed on to that idea and started publishing horoscopes in the 20th century. People would buy a paper just to see their horoscope. The trouble is, it is all earthcentric. Everything as seen on earth.

On Mars, things are different. What does it mean when mars isn’t in the sky and when you have earth in Scorpio? That is where you come in. I want a daily horoscope based on what you see from Mars.

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