Leap of Faith

“I knew you didn’t exist the day you let my wife die.” I say this to no one in particular as I hop up onto the ledge. I feel the wind in my hair as I gaze over my shoulder and down fifteen stories. “What kind of a loving god lets a stringent follower of his get raped and murdered?”

I sigh as I bring my legs over and face the view of the city from above. “Where were you when she died, you bastard?” I wipe away a single tear from my cheek as I push myself away from the wall and watch as the parking structure races by. “You didn’t even leave me with a child to remember her by. If this is the kind of loving god you are, I’d rather spend eternity in Hell.”

“If you want me back,” I shout, watching the ground get larger and larger, “then come save me you son of a bitch!” For an instant I hear the impact before nothing.

I wake up in bed panting and dripping with sweat. I turn over and gaze at the cold side of the bed where my wife once slept and find only a bible.

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