And that's what I'm here for

She comes to me crying
Her boyfriend has left her
I stop to try and help
She’s completely distraught

She’s crying into me
Tears running down my arm
Half my shirt is soaked now
And I couldn’t care less

He was cruel, she says
Heartless, terrible, mean
I try to comfort her
Tell her everything’s fine

I feel bad, very bad
This isn’t much like her
She’s tough on the outside
But sensitive as well

She looks into my eyes
I gaze back into hers
She says she’s glad I’m here
I say it’s no big deal

Her arms wrap around me
She pulls herself closer
She says that she’s lucky
To have someone like me

Later, she has calmed down
No longer holding on
We’re talking about her
And her boyfriend’s problems

She is feeling better
She gets up to depart
I rise from my chair, too
We really should get home

Before she walks away
Off to her apartment
She gives me a quick kiss
And grabs onto my hand

She tells me I’m awesome
For listening to her
I say that I’m her friend
And that’s what I’m here for

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