Bum Diddly Oh

“It’s a beautiful morning, don’tcha think?” He grinned at me and poked me in the ribs. “C’mon! It’s nice out, right?”
“It’s a little cold,” I grumbled, snugging my fleece tighter.
He rolled his eyes and punched me lightly in the shoulder. “C’mon! It is not! You have to move around, get your blood circulating. Trust me, it’s wonderful weather.”
I only snorted and kept walking. After a moment of silence he apparently decided the world wasn’t perfect enough yet, and therefore must do some cartwheels.
“Why’re you so happy, huh?” I grumbled. He didn’t hear me. “Nevermind.”
“What?” He was standing next to me again.
“I said, why are you so happy?”
His eyes widened for a minute, then he laughed softly, then shuffled his feet and grinned goofily. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just happy to be with you.”

I searched for a laugh in his eyes, some sign that he was pulling my leg, but there was none. Suddenly, the weather seemed a bit nicer.

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