Love Hurts

He wrote furiously, pen scratching paper.
I love you with the fires of a thousand suns. If I dare to get close, you may be consumed by my burning lust.
I long for you like a man that has crawled through the desert for forty days and forty nights prays for rain to quench his thirst.
Your beauty only grows with each passing day. Your hair the color of a barren landscape. Your lips are so red, as if bitten. And eyes of emerald green that swim with emotion.
If only I could touch your brow to soothe your worries away. I would kiss each tear until your eyes were dry.
My love knows no end like the waves crashing upon the shore.
If you don’t return my love, I may wither away like a flower without water.
He stops writing and reads over his work, his heart bursting with love. Nodding in approval, he rises from the desk, quivering.
He floats over to the bed and lays the note on the pillow next to her head. Then he carefully exits through her window to wait for her to wake.

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