Race to the Summit of Mt Perilous

Ethel panted & panted. Only an hour ago she had been in the lead, sure she was going to get to the top first. Now, her strength was diminishing by the second. Avram and Irwin were in front of her and both seemed to be full of energy.

Ethel knelt down and started to cry; it was hopeless. She would never reach the summit first and collect the prize. Avram and Irwin would get there first. It was the elixir of life that was waiting at the summit of Mt Perilous, but Ethel hadn’t wanted to get the elixir for herself. It was her sickly mother she wished to cure. Then she cried even harder. Her mother would surely die and it will be all her fault.

That’s when she saw it- two massive bolts of lighting and then she heard the rumbling thunder. Ethel with all the energy she could muster climbed up the hill slowly. Finally, she reached the peak. There lay both Avram and Irwin, two feet away from the elixir, lifeless from electrocution. Ethel stood there, struck by shock and her luck. The elixir was within her reach.

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