He kissed the top of my head, my forehead, my temple. He moved lower and lower, lifting me up until my head was tilted back and his lips rested on my neck. He opened his mouth and breathed gently onto my skin. His warm breath tickled me and I moaned softly with delectation, a smile breaking out on my face. One of his hands moved up my spine and tangled itself in my hair. He kissed my neck again, moving lower down again until his lips were pressed into the small indentation in between my collarbone.
His hand suddenly let go of my hair, and both began to creep towards the top of my spine. I held onto him tighter. His hands reached their destination and he slowly began to undo the zipper at the back of my dress. I shivered with pleasure. I knew this was it. What I had waited all this time for, what I had spent my life dreaming of. As our lips touched, I felt my body melt into his. I ran my hand down his bare chest to his waist as he pulled my dress down. I watched it float away towards the horizon of the ocean

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