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Strong silent type, except when talkative. Mother, wife, writer, teacher, gamer, geek. Living.

I am currently writing two online serial novels at April Raines’ Storybook Corner. A dark fantasy called The Shadows of Sicily is the primary one. The secondary story is an exploration of community called GURD 2108. There is also a smattering of poetry.

Winner NaNoWriMo 2011, CampNaNoWriMo (June) 2012 & NaNoWriMo 2012

My favourite books include: ’Kusiel’s Avatar’ by Jacqueline Carey, ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, ‘New Enlarged Pocket Anthology of Robert Frost’s Poems’, and ‘Unconditional Parenting’ by Alfie Kohn.


  1. Do Woolly Sheep Dream of Electric Fish?

    The electric fish swam in circles in the farmer’s pond. He didn’t like it much, it was far too confined after the depths of the ocean, but he knew he couldn’t escape. He’d tried. All that had happened when the fish had managed t...

  2. Idle No More

    He Dreams of Dragons lifted the teepee flap and peered outside. The plain was full. Teepees, fires, horses, and people were all around. He Dreams of Dragons went back into his teepee and found his spear. Walking slowly, he crossed the plain to the fire...

  3. A Long Day

    Another file. Another woman. Another set of test results saying the same damn thing. Why was he always the one who had to deliver the news? No, that was unfair. Every day all the doctors on staff drew straws, picked cards, played whatever games of chan...

  4. A Long Time Coming

    Max and Hank stared at each other across the gaping remains of the Imuno-Tech building. Ragged pieces of metal groaned and settled to the ground. “So,” Max said. Hank raised his gun and flicked a jaunty salute. “Long time no see,̶...

  5. Halfway Between

    She’d picked up ‘Deathly Hallows’ in the kid’s books section, not the adult’s. The kid’s cover was more cheerful with the trio in the mound of gold, even if Ron looked suspiciously like Rupert Grint. But that was two...

  6. That Damn Book

    “How many times you read that damn book anyways?” Jack said, shaking the thin book in his fist. Chrissie didn’t have to look up and see the edges of the running shoe with rocket engines to know which book he meant, or what the answer ...

  7. When is a Sibling not a Sibling?

    A sister is a gift, a joy, someone to share those girly things, or tomboy things, with for all times. You spend those first two years playing with her, watching out for her, getting pissed off when the babysitter gets paid but you changed the poopy dia...

  8. If Only She Knew

    C’h’caaa watched, all its eyes focused on the girl as she let go of her human mother’s hand and walked nervously through the muttering crowd. Her eyes, two small violet specks, were focused on its largest one; the one that was nearly ...

  9. The Beholder's Eyes

    The swarthy human with the dashing grin and golden blonde hair was talking agitatedly with a large floating monster. The monster had one enormous central eye, and a myriad of tentacle like stalks all ending in eyes. “Look, C’h’caaa, y...

  10. We Needed A New Muse

    “I guess this Internet thing isn’t going away anytime soon,” the Universe said to himself. “Huh?” piped up the Universe’s-Inner-Child. “Sorry, I was reading.” The Universe rolled his eyes, but without a m...

  11. When the Clock Stopped

    Walters picked up the clock by its base and turned it over in his hands. There was a coating of brown dust on it; the face was smashed. The hands read 10:45. “Well,” his assistant Percival said, “at least we know when the burglar brok...

  12. It's All in the Name

    Ms. Ava Rice sat at her oak desk on her leather chair glaring at her stock portfolio. Two percent increase? Did her broker really expect her to be satisfied with that? Oh, she knew the story of the faltering economy, but her company had manage 1o perce...

  13. To Spite Her Face

    Her boobs were perfect, perky C-cups. Her ass was taut and round. Her hips made that coveted hourglass shape. Her feet were petite, and so were her hands. Her hair hung in honey coloured waves. Her eyes sparkled like emeralds. Her lips pouted perfectly...

  14. The Sacrifice of Saffron Truefoot

    “I’ll go,” the halfling said stepping forward. Heads turned, human and elven, but not the half-ogre who stood between her and the devil. A smile spread across the devil’s face, his tail twitched. “Are you certain? The cont...

  15. If You Just Look Hard Enough

    If we stare straight ahead with blinders on Minding our own business until they’re gone, We’ll miss them. Those moments, everyday life, The man who cooks dinner nightly for his wife: Does she need Prince Charming or this Prince Real? The fr...

  16. Poetic Rant

    There’s a theory, often stated That rules are made to be broken But then, there’s those folks who never bother. Artistry is not defined by breaking of the rules, No more than by the following. Blindness, whether in obedience or dis, is stil...

  17. Bess, the Landlord's Daughter

    When the Redcoats burst through her door, Bess knew. Her highwayman would return that night; they meant her to be the bait they caught him with. As they tied her up, fondling each breast in the process, her thoughts ran. How could she possibly warn him...

  18. Caution Children Playing

    Mark was driving home from the Supermarket, trunk filled with goodies for the night’s festivities. There was construction on his usual route, reworking the hoverway, so he deeked left through a residential zone. Slow, but at least no stopping. Hi...

  19. Friends with Benefits

    I’d agreed when he suggested we be friends with benefits. He was my best friend, and it was easier than the hassle of dating; safer, too as we both knew each other’s histories. It was amazing; we could talk about anything, share our likes a...

  20. An Important Purchase

    The final slave market before snowfall was the only one of the year held after dark; therefore it was the only one Signore Umbrae could attend himself, and this task was his alone. No one saw the man arrive, none of the handlers heard his cart, but the...

  21. Can We Pause Forever?

    The three year old calls, awakened (so she says, I don’t think she’s slept) by a nightmare. I get up from the computer and walk into her dark room lit only by the glowing nightlamp that sits beside her bed. “I need more snuggles,̶...

  22. How To Make a Decision

    “So, how are we going to decide?” asked Zarabeth. Before anyone could respond, Cecil started singing: ‘Ippy, dippy, my space-shippy/ On a course so true,/ Past Neptune and Pluto’s moon./ The one I choose is… you!" Wit...

  23. Trapped in a Box

    “You know, you talk too much,” said the red haired man, voice rich with irony. He paced around the chair in which Marcel was tied, snapping his switchblade open and shut, open and shut with each step; the overhead light swung in time with h...

  24. The Last Thing on My Mind

    I changed the selection on my iPod, lifting it from where it sat near the gearshift and glancing down periodically to make sure I was getting the right album. I needed something soothing. It had been a long day. Now I was driving home, exhausted. Perha...

  25. Franklin and the Gunslinger

    Franklin could count by twos and ties his shoes. He could build a campfire with only sticks and rocks. He could carry a heavy pack from sun up to sun down. But Franklin had a problem, he couldn’t fire a gun straight. The stranger was teaching Fra...

  26. The Ballad of Sir Wathingham

    Jetin the bard stood fingering his mandolin as he listened to Sir Wathingham drone on about his latest adventure. He knew he would be expected to recite every one of Sir Wathingham’s deeds to townsfolk far and wide, yet he could not force himself...

  27. A Study in Contrasts

    There were two men sitting at the wooden restaurant table. The bulk of one eclipsed the deep cocoa leather of his chair, replacing it with orange and green cotton stripes. The other was a lean beige gesticulation. The fat one moved slowly, sipping his ...

  28. Fire and Ice

    Ivon put the hydrogen into the atomizer. “You know,” he said to his partner Donald, “we could get the Nobel Prize for this.” Donald smirked. “You mean I could get the Nobel Prize, yes? It is my theory.” He adjusted t...

  29. Sound and Sense - Poem

    Upon my shelf there sits a small, green book Well used, though not by me, but well thought of. It tells of sound and sense, of form and rhyme, Things I have learned since I was but a child. Things of the heart and soul that call the mind. Poets pen the...

  30. Just Don't

    When I walked out of the high school staffroom, it was like walking into the past. Then I saw the pictures on the wall and realized it was walking into the past. There, in the last set of Grad photos, was my friend Julie who had graduated the year befo...

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