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Creator of Astral Audio Productions; an audio drama group that has to be experienced. Introducing new artists, bands, and interactive content.


  1. She Touched Me

    She didn’t say anything. My eyes followed her frame as she moved around the table. Looking back, it was like a vulture or just some really amused cat waiting for the right time to pounce on my chest. She hummed a strange tune. Wisps of her perfum...

  2. Baptism

    I had a chance to pause. The day’s rat race was complete and here I was surrounded by my colleagues. It was peaceful and quiet. A fragrant smell hung in the air like incense; it only added to the scene of serenity. The warm liquid washed over me;...

  3. OF FIRES, SWORDS, AND CROSSES: Prologue Continued

    I continued to watch the moon’s light as it danced upon the water while my mind made a note of every detail; this is what I wanted to remember. I sighed heavily and slowly rose onto my hands and knees; my armor reminding me that it wasn’t m...


    There was something in the simplistic nature of hunter verses prey that delighted the shadows; their uniform goal to devour the light was evident in their hurried movements. Figures of indiscernible shape and unconstrained by the conventions of size ma...

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