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  1. Bumps in the Night

    Keeping the vampire’s head tilted back, the doctor eased the bloodied wad of cloth away from its face. He grimaced. Another broken nose. “Full wall mirror, huh?” he asked. The vampire sighed miserably. “I thoughd id was adudder ...

  2. I Pandered to the Lowest Common Denominator (and I Liked It)

    First, we’ll need a topic. Don’t try too hard (if at all) – we want something as generic and overused as possible. Popular choices include “You’re no good in bed”, “You love me, I don’t love you” (o...

  3. Lex Luthor Gets Drunk And Tells Us What He Really Thinks (Mature)

  4. I Have No Rug And I Must Scream (Mature)

  5. Iron Seduction

    As my apartment door clicked shut behind me I suddenly realised that something was different. The lights were already on, but turned down low, and there was a strange smell… I looked down and saw a trail of diced green capsicum. Oh God, it’...

  6. The Volcano

    I don’t know how much longer I can contain myself. Do you have any idea? You mortals that smile at me blandly as you pass by, asking about my day, like you give a damn! Do you have any idea of the white-hot fury that’s building up inside me...

  7. Mechaniman and the Curse of the Expired License

    Mechaniman swung his arm cannons around and locked Lord Disturbius into his sights. The villain raised his hands and they began to glow with an unholy light, but he was too late. Mechaniman had him. Inside the suit, his fingers squeezed the triggers. N...

  8. Active Dan Takes It To The Edge

    “Active Dan,” sneered Corpusculus Rigley, his leather-gloved hand clutching the pistol like it was going out of style. “You never cease to amaze. Or disappoint.” Dan wiped the blood from his mouth, disrupting his otherwise perfe...

  9. Active Dan Gets it On (Mature)

  10. Chronicles of Active Dan

    Active Dan was bloodied and hurtling through the air towards an atomic bomb. Recent surveys show that he spends 37% of his time this way. “You’re a menace, Active Dan!” shouted Colonel Commisioner over the radio, turning audibly red. ...

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