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I’m from Portland, Oregon and I like coffee. A lot. Much more than I like the rain.

Beyond that, I wanted to get back in the habit of writing fiction instead of reports or specifications. At least until I win the lottery.


  1. Flyer of Chairs

    I raced back inside, following Scott as he flipped over desks and rifled through drawers looking for something, anything, to throw. “What are you doing, Scott?” I said, working my way over to block his door. “I’m going to shut t...

  2. Hardest of Wood (Mature)

  3. Dream Thief

    “Give me your dreams, boy, and I’ll let you sleep another night,” whispered the invader, his fuzzy mouth lightly brushing Jack’s ear as he slept. “Boys need their dreams,” growled Castagere, the dream guardian sworn ...

  4. Foundation Stone

    The congregation gathered at the center of the main hall was bathed in a dappled light streaming through the cracked and shattered windows. Reflecting off the bone-white floors, light illuminated the faces of the chosen ones here to pass The Judgment. ...

  5. The Ruling Class

    New Denver, and the Rocky Mountain Province, grew out of the leadership of the United States quarantined at NORAD; much of the new ruling class sharing their lineage with the presidential and senatorial families that ran the last, great democracy on ea...

  6. The Plague

    Quickly, Sid led Tommy down the stairwell, through the front door, melding into the crowds at the fringes of the riot. Sid’s dilapidated apartment complex was located in Quadrant 4, known locally as Q4, within walking distance of the fenceline be...

  7. The Non-Monster

    The sounds from outside my window aren’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I stay behind my bed, wedged between the wall and dresser, whatever it is that is making that sound will never be able to reach me. I press my back against the wa...

  8. Let's Get Some (Mature)

  9. The Peddler Child

    The doughy, white faces blur together so late in the day. It was astonishing that a tall, black man with dark grey eyes would stop in front of Hakim’s carpet shortly before the bazaar closed. “I hear you carry Father Blades. Is this so?R...

  10. The Beginning (Mature)

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