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I am a twenty-three year old third-year law student at the University of Baltimore. I am also one of the lead developers for Lithmeria, a MUD currently in beta-testing. In college, I majored in philosophy and minored in religion. I enjoy action movies, especially those of the superhero variety, and I prefer country music.


  1. Scarlet Ambrosia

    He was already bleeding. I didn’t have to kill him. There was nothing I could do to secure his release—not from a whole lair of vampires who all knew more about what they were and how to handle themselves than I could even guess at. At leas...

  2. Wolves of Paris

    He wore a heavily pleated short doublet that marked him as a member of the nobility—or the rich merchant class, at least. But though the nearby poor were scandalized by his presence in their quarter, they were much more concerned by the scarlet blood...

  3. The Bite of Pain

    The moon illuminated my path through the graveyard as I walked behind the woman who had made me a vampire. We were both silent for much of the way, a fragile truce that agreed to keep the obvious unspoken. I wasn’t capable of deliberately doing m...

  4. The Other End

    A cold nose against my neck woke me. I tried to leap to my feet, terrified that some scavenger thought my cold body could be its dinner. Or breakfast, to judge from the position of the morning sun. It didn’t work. I was too tangled up in my ratty bla...

  5. The Man I Married

    “I didn’t choose this,” I whispered. Then, louder, as I worked up my nerve and convinced myself of what I was saying, “I didn’t leave a pathetic cop-out of a suicide note.” There were tears in my eyes as I started to...

  6. Come Here Often?

    I awoke in darkness, with no idea of how much time had passed. Hazy memories served to give me an idea of where I was, along with the scents of cheap pine and wet earth. Joe had awakened at the morgue. How had I earned a coffin? More importantly, how w...

  7. The Sword

    “We have need of your sword.” “It’s not for hire to the likes of you,” I said, my gravelly voice even lower than usual; a rattlesnake’s warning of its displeasure. I couldn’t imagine being stuck around the stin...

  8. Nascent Flames

    It hurt to see him like this. Bloodless. Cosmetics coated his skin, giving the illusion of life. His arms lay crossed over his chest, his eyes closed as if asleep. The mortician—make-up artist to the dead and not yet buried—had smoothed the...

  9. Protein Drink

    Sam nibbled coffee as he scanned the morning paper, savoring the pulpy feel of newsprint between his fingers. The technocrats kept insisting that newspapers were out-fashioned and wasteful, but Jason preferred to stay off-line for breakfast, putting of...

  10. Fetching the Doctor

    “You must go,” ordered Farmer Geonnes. “But Father! The forest…” The boy’s voice was fearful. The farmer snorted as derivisvely as he could, trying to dismiss his son’s fears. “You’re a man now, Alv...

  11. Progress

    Her muscles were tense, expression blank. She didn’t want to be there. “C’mon, Pam. You have to be able to do this.” Her movements were slow and reluctant, but she widened her stance. Nick ran at her, telegraphing his intent so she would ge...

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