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“Difference is a blessing, not a challenge. We define ourselves by knowing other people. We know our world by learning about difference. What is the word we often use? Tolerance. Is that a positive notion? Not really. ‘For the time being, I will tolerate you?’ I’m against that concept. It means difference is a threat. Difference is a blessing and you don’t tolerate a blessing. You embrace it.” — Mohammad Mahallati.


  1. I'll Swim With Him.....

    -a sound, coming from behind the bathroom door, a sound I have never heard before in my home, echoing in the roundness of poreceline. I open the door to find my partner crouched in grey waters, his tears running down, like melting icicles dangling on t...

  2. Get a Grip!

    Alain’s dog lunged hard and Alain lost her grip. The dog, feeling free of its restraint, made an attempt to break the sound barrier. Alain, a liberated drama student , pulled her character together and affected hysterics good enough to win an awa...

  3. Tight Fit

    They call it a DuckSuit because ducking is the most exaggerated reflex a human can do when trying to avoid something while standing still; Flying Qantum Fists, Invincible Machetes, Black Adder Bullets, GigaBight Javelins, Bolt Whips, and the precise Fl...

  4. False Emergency

    “911, what’s your emergency”? “My baby is missing! I can’t find my baby! Oh God, please hel- “Ma’m, my name is Cheryl and I’m here to help you, and I need to get some information from you”. “...

  5. Meha's First Breach

    “Meha, you stick close to me, you hear”? Grammy Lo instructed me, “This is your first breach, do ONLY your part, and no heroics”! We sat in the sewers, reading a map with our halogen forehead implants blazing. Our family is of t...

  6. Mrs. Green

    The teeth of my comb strikes like an asp; the Sea Wasp venom takes effect. I know I don’t have much time and I find his private cell phone right where Mrs. Green said it would be and dial his home-her home-number. I tell her he’s on my hook...

  7. It's Just Business

    When I was 6, I was taught how to bait a hook. I found pleasure in the nightcrawler’s scream. At 7, my Crackerjack box offered up a prized magnifier I turned into a weapon of mass destruction. As I grew, my enemies fled in fear of my fascinations...

  8. shhhhhhhhhbang! 2

    Splintering frames Hasty retreat Hidden closet Hushed agony Hunger for freedom “Here kiddie kiddie!” Hallowed whispers Hasidic prayers BANG!

  9. -david, i'm lost-

    Honey, where are you? i don’t know How’s the baby? he’s hungry Give me the cross-streets. it’s too dark-i see two guys with JULIA?

  10. shhhhhhhhhbang!

    Sweaty doorknob Heavy steps Hollow scratching Hysteria muted Hand over keyhole Heart pounding Hours die Help Me He’s Here… BANG!

  11. Gravery

    Sandra stared at the bag of food, it glowed like captured moonbeams, healthy and warm. It reminded her of her chicken gravy oozing over real mashed potatoes. She quietly chuckled remembering Brian’s mashed potato volcanoes erupting gravy lava. Sm...

  12. Greasy Fingerprints

    Franny hovered over her antique Griswold #8 Cast Iron Deep Chicken Fryer, poking at the golden crisping thighs. Franny was looking forward to this years Bone Gap community picnic cooking contest. The theme was Fast Food. She was entering her version of...

  13. la chasse des mouches avec le miel (Mature)

  14. Une tarentule et sa proie (Mature)

  15. Halitosis Prayers

    In the land Of Sugar Free A fetid secret The Church of Rot. The Candy Man preaches Of bittersweet lies And blows a kiss At Tooth Fairy Land.

  16. Eye of the Needle

    Yeoman West sat pondering her fake SilkMilk anime tattoo; a white spider sitting on a milkmaid’s stool on a maple leaf background. During Earth’s 21st century, Nexia scientists successfully genetically modified silk-spinning genes into goat...

  17. Men Don't Know the Sex of Cats

    A limp greyish mound, lay draped over a ditch’s frozen lip. Painful golden eyes tracked me as I rode by. My pony, Buttons, lowered her muzzle and blew a steaming kiss over the Blue cat. It twitched. I gently placed it in my paper-route sack and l...

  18. A Dash of Salt

    I arrived at the Library of Recipes, the last stop in my unnatural quest. The mile-high Alabaster Stairs of Dewey, yellowing with age, spiral up from East to West. I take a deep breath, open my loaded Pistol Parasol, and climb. The steps are low and br...

  19. Motor Mouth (Mature)

  20. From Fire to Flame

    “How appropriate” Shana responded to her engineer; “Everyone, get ready for a hot ride”! The twins fist-pumped each other in a way only horny males can do. From the pilot seat, Dmitry made another attempt at Ukrainian toughness:...

  21. Solstice Birthday

    “Armageddon will occur in the Autumn of 75” the 1968 publication warned. My father reacted piously. Acreage was purchased. Then a dilapidated house paid for in cash and prepared for relocation. It was huge, brown and ugly. As our new Ark, w...

  22. Bartell Hell

    About a year later, I was following my Grandmother through Bartell Drugs maze of potions and pills. “My doctor sent me for a laxative!” my Grandmother shouted to the Pharmacists a few aisles over; “What’s on sale?” As she ...

  23. Training Jock

    I dragged my feet, following my Mother reluctantly through the store to the most embarrassing department. Satin briefs, silk boxers, and cotton cups and straps hung tidily on display. “You need a training jock.” My mother announced way too loudly o...

  24. A Dozen Fresh Easter Eggs Please

    “We barely broke even!” the chocolate store owner shouted. “You and I need to discover ways to bring in more customers”! We both defined who are customers were. Then we discussed who we weren’t aggressively targeting. R...

  25. "Lime"

    At 11 I moved in with my bohemian stepfather. It was like being admitted into life’s best University. P.B.S., Sagan, Cavett, Welk, Benny Hill, holidays, coffee, nudity, art, society, pets, take-out, classical music, naps, tea, nature, and hours o...

  26. Cavity of Pain (Mature)

  27. Why I Don't Miss My Mother

    “My batteries dead again” my mother hints. She never asks me to charge the battery, her alcoholic language and demanding tone requires a call to action. I make my way towards the baking sun-cancer blistering clot. I hate this car. I fear th...

  28. Curious George

    Imagine: An 11 y.o. boy, an industrial sized jar of petroleum jelly, and the recent self-discovery of his sexual organ. The boy locks himself in the bathroom, naked and curious, exploring his maturing body using the jelly as an artistic medium. He sees...

  29. 4" Heels in 4' of Water

    The October nights waves constantly rose and fell; each second you were stepping down or up 3’ to the 20’ sailboats deck; A “What’s It Like To Be Outrageously Drunk” amusement-park ride. I was witnessing the epic making of...

  30. Let's Wrap This Up

    “All right everyone; cell phones off, we have a lot to go over. Let’s start with the Supervisors Weekly Quota Report and we’ll move on from there”. (———-) “Next item. We’ve If you don’t bring ...

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