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  1. Lilith

    She looked up out of thin gray walls that curled up over her bare skin. Later she would think of it as a sarcophagus, but for now it was simply the first thing she’d ever seen, along with his hungry face. “Lilith,” the man above her d...

  2. Stolen Mass

    Every rotation, she diminishes and I increase. I will be my sister’s grim reaper. I can imagine that, at first, our parents were ecstatic. A twin star birth would be a powerful one, enough to increase our galaxy’s standing against our neigh...

  3. Dear Caveboy Billy, from God

    Dear Caveboy Billy, I told you not to play with fire. What else can I say? Love, God PS. You probably heard me laughing.

  4. Dear God, from Mama Velociraptor 3

    Dear God, Is this your punishment for eating the wrong human? My new brood hatched today, and they are LOUD. Really, Caveman Bob can take one or two of them if he’s really hungry. Amen, Mama Velociraptor

  5. Dear God, from Caveboy Billy 3

    Dear God, This fire stuff hurts. I hate you! Amen, Caveboy Billy PS. Please don’t kill me!

  6. Dear God, from Caveman Bob 5

    Dear God, The party was sooooooooooooooo awesome. You make the greatest stuff. Rotten honey is just… is just… awesome. Why’d’ya hold out on us? Amen, Caveman Bob

  7. Dear Martians, from God

    Dear Martians, I’m waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you on that whole dramatic meteor shower thing. Those dinosaurs won’t be bothering you for much longer. Love, God

  8. Dear Caveman Bob, from God

    Dear Caveman Bob, I eat stars when I’m hungry. It’s called entropy. Also? It does a great job of showing off my divine powers. Tell all your friends, God

  9. Dear God, from Mama Velociraptor 2

    Dear God, I tried to eat Caveboy Billy like you said. I chased him up against a cliff. He was delicious. Then I saw Caveboy Billy hanging around outside his cave, talking to Sue. Dammit. They all look alike. Can I still eat Billy? Amen, Mama Velocirapt...

  10. Dear God, from Cavewoman Jane

    Dear God, I gotta tell you, I am getting tired of all these dinosaurs. The other day I swear I saw a velociraptor hanging around outside. There are just so many of the ugly things, and so many of them are so BIG! Even the peaceful ones are as likely to...

  11. Dear God, from Caveman Bob 4

    Dear God, Please help me keep my mouth shut tomorrow at the gathering when those pricks from across the valley start going on about how their great-great-great-grandfather invented fire, which we all know he didn’t. You invented fire. Amen, Cavem...

  12. Dear God, from Cavewoman Jane

    Dear God, Today little Mary broke our best gourd bowl over Billy’s head because he told her she threw spears like a girl. So I was thinking, you know— Two kids is enough, right? In Your Hands, Cavewoman Jane

  13. Dear God, from Caveboy Billy

    Dear God, Please bless Daddy Bob, Momma Jane, Little Sister Mary, and Cave-neighbor Sue because Oh God is she hot now that she has boobs! How do I get her to stop throwing rocks at me? Amen, Caveboy Billy Oh yeah, and I’m not asking Dad any more ...

  14. Dear God, from Caveman Bob 2

    Dear God, My son asked me why the moon is smaller each night. I told him you were hungry. Amen, Caveman Bob

  15. Dear God, from Caveman Bob

    Dear God, Thank you for a wonderful dinner. Egg is always a treat. I didn’t mean what I said when that velociraptor was after me. Next time it might be nice if she didn’t catch me at her nest, though. No hard feelings? Amen, Caveman Bob

  16. Who You Pray For

    She hadn’t expected any thing to appear just because she said a few choice words written down centuries before. Yet, he was practically a scroll come to life, a perfect blend of all the sketches and descriptions that she had ever seen. Four hoove...

  17. Space for Rent

    The ad had hacked its way onto one of the less scrupulous display boards, sandwiching itself between honest-to-goodness, paid for and regulated vids: Travel to China Serious $$ Bring your own survival skills The word China is enough for him. Somewhere ...

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