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I am just a student, wishing for my big break.
I am a tiny dancer. What else do you have to know?
I am an actor.
“I love acting. It is so much more real than life.”
I am a singer.
“But I have a talent, a wonderful thing
cause everyone listens when I start to sing
I’m so grateful and proud
All I want is to sing it out loud.”

Ah, to write. It’s a beautiful thing. I love writing all the time, everywhere and anywhere I go. Nothing will stop me, I swear. I love writing all my emotions on paper. I love feeling the pen scratching on the paper. Ideas flow through me, drip down my soul. I am a poet, I am a novelist.
You gotta love the little joys in life.

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  1. Decisions - 5

    … My father comes crashing through; his arms flinging, the knife in his hand gleaming. Time slows; volume diminishes. I back up, and find my back at a wall. I watch in despair and grief as my father, a man I have loved, trusted, been supported by...

  2. Mothers - 4

    I discard the absent thought, and focus on the words spilling out my mouth. They are avalanches, they are boulders; rolling, tumbling, cascading down mountains. “Daddy- he’s- he’s trying to kill me! I need you! Help me!” She see...

  3. Mothers - 3

    A door to a small balcony going off our house catches my eye. I scramble to it and launch myself out of the door, praying my father doesn’t follow. I look around, bewildered; I don’t remember this part of the apartment before. But it’...

  4. Sister - 2

    “Daddy?” Her voice is rough, strained with emotion and vulnerability. “Daddy, stop!” My sister rushes between us, trying to hold our father at bay. It is like he does not see her, but does not intend to hurt her; he merely tries...

  5. Beams - 1

    I swing myself through the beams of the house, my head bumping occasionally into a piece of wood. I don’t notice; the adrenaline and fear rushing through my body are overpowering; they wash away other pains that linger, waiting to be noticed late...

  6. Golden Knobs

    The wind whistles in-between my empty fingers. I run my hands through my hair, which has turned an astonishing shade of auburn. The leaves of the trees above me glisten and crack against the trunk, and suddenly they are all falling down, on top of me, ...

  7. Sheets of Rain (Ultimate Challenge)

    Trees. Dirt. White mist. Everything swirls around me with great gusts of wind and rain, making me lose my sense of direction. The sheets of water pound on my back, and my long, loose hair whips my face. Suddenly I feel weak. Too weak to move. I call ou...

  8. Class Player Makes His Move (Mature)

  9. Just Before the Bell Rang

    John and Luisa left just before the bell rang, their feet touching the halls only just as it’s tone sounded throughout the building. How had they known? A tingle went up my spine, but I shoved the feeling back down and gulped air unsteadily. I wa...

  10. Sisterly Bonds

    I sighed, exasperated. “His name’s Rod, and, yeah I know.” “Whatever. Hey… is that my phone?” So, she had noticed. “Give it back!” “Look sis, I was going to return it! Come on… I won’t be gone long,” I pleaded....

  11. "That Boy"

    I slipped on my favorite pair of worn jeans and my black sequined tank top. I took my sister’s cell phone off of her bed and put it in my pocket. My headphones were squished into my ears and my iPod nano tucked into my other pocket for later. I s...

  12. Confidence

    “Becca.” On his tongue my name sounded rich and colorful, full to the brim with ideas and things to come. On mine it sounded fumbling. “Yeah. So…” I glanced over at Luisa, but looked away before I got caught up again. R...

  13. Hilarious Jokes

    “Who are you?” The question came out of my mouth before I realized how rude it sounded. “Sorry.” I immediately apologized. “Everyone apologizes so much here. It’s fascinating.” The girl sat down gently in the c...

  14. It's Time to Stop the Gorgeous People

    I’d been sitting in a trance at my lunch table, as usual, when a voice rang out over the noise. “Do you mind if we sit here?” I looked up, a little startled, my feet slipping from the chair they had been resting on. The sound they mad...

  15. Everything Happens

    Maybe everything does happen for a reason. Or maybe, my sadistic side answered, it just happens so everyone can laugh at you behind your back. Ouch. Pain. That’s all I felt those first few weeks. I ignored the leering, comical stares of my peers....

  16. Golden Globes (Eye Challenge) Pt 2

    She was wearing a robe made of some kind of white fabric. It looked silky and it floated around her like miniature clouds. Her pale blond hair also floated softly around her, making a halo around her head. I thought she was an angel, until I caught a g...

  17. Golden Globes (Eye Challenge) Pt 1

    Like tiny orbs of buttercup yellow-gold light, her eyes followed my progress, down the cobblestone street, daring me to turn around and come back. I never took a challenge lightly, and I considered spinning around and charging her when her back was tur...

  18. Want vs Need [poem]

    I want to write. I need to write. It’s a desire that goes down deep into my core, a desire that cannot be topped by anything else in this world. I want to write. I want to feel the pen under my hand, moving in its rhythm with the world. I need to...

  19. Almost Any Original Disney Princess Film in 10 Words

    Girl treated badly, girl meets prince, prince marries the girl. (For the title: AKA Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty if you think about it.)

  20. As Much, But Not More

    Oh my God, I can’t do this, I thought. I can’t face him. I still love him. Why do I still love him? And after all he did to hurt me? “God! What an idiot I am!” I put my hands over my face as quick sobs racked my body. I felt his...

  21. What You Want

    “Becky- don’t! Please, you’re making this harder for me.” “Harder for you? What? How does that make sense?” I placed my hands on my hips defiantly, staring him straight in his eyes. God, it made me sick how gorgeous ...

  22. Hurting Hearts (Mature)

  23. Oh My God (Mature)

  24. Only What a Gentleman Would Do

    “What? That I love you? Sorry, boy, nothing’s going to change that.” I tweaked the tip of his nose playfully. He mumbled something, and I thought it sounded like “This might.”, but I wasn’t positive. “What?R...

  25. I love You

    I dragged my feet all day, and the only time I perked up was when I saw Rob’s gorgeous face, waiting for me. His dark brown, curly hair was a tiny bit long and was a little crazy around his heart shaped face. He had incredible cheekbones. It amaz...

  26. Get To Class

    What the hell was wrong with her? Why wasn’t she jumping up and down with joy? I voiced my first question. “You really are out of your mind. You’re so self-absorbed, you can’t even see what’s happening.” Lissa’...

  27. Disdainful Glance

    I was so excited. It was my birthday today, and Robert had told me yesterday that we needed to “talk”. Now, I know this sounds bad, but I was convinced that it was about the “next step” in our relationship. Rob had always been g...

  28. The Difference Between a Memory and a Nightmare

    I woke up abruptly, sweat pouring down the side of my face. Hot, sticky breath collapses out from me and I find myself back in my bed, the sun not quite up yet. My eyes closed slowly. “Is this a bad time?” I shrieked, falling onto the floor...

  29. Stupid Phones

    This is the life. Erin Castell felt her stiff, aching shoulder muscles finally releasing the tension they had been holding all week as her personal masseuse, Henry, kneaded away at them faithfully. Erin stretched her toes, wiggling them to their full e...

  30. "I told you so."

    Rocks slip underfoot. Soft and warm, soothing water laps at my toes, pulls at my heart. The sunset glances off the water, sends stones of light skipping off the surface. Below… who knows what is below. But the surface looks perfect. Maybe that...

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