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  1. The Box

    She held the box in her hands, turning it over, feeling the smooth surface against her skin. It felt heavy despite its small size, somehow denser and more real than anything she’d ever touched. The dully gleaming material was neither metal nor wo...

  2. Quinine and Lime

    Til I’ve had a gin and tonic, I can’t sleep. I used to worry that it made me an alcoholic, but there’s something about the slightly bitter taste of tonic water mixed generously with dry gin and a twist of lime that calms the mind. One...

  3. Mistaken Identity

    Oh, that’s your car? My bad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. 知らない部屋 (shiranai heya)

    (In case your computer can’t read Japanese, I romanized the story below. I know it’s kind of a waste of my character count, but I didn’t want people to only see random, nonsensical symbols.) 私の部屋を分からない。今、知

  5. The Dig (edited and re-posted for Challenge)

    Attempting to unearth her latest find—a pre-historic dragon, much larger than present-day fire breathers—the Doctor felt a twinge in her back. Despite her youth, the excavation was taking its toll on her body. She shaded her eyes against th...

  6. With the Stars

    Damien gazed up at the night sky, then down upon the vessel they had constructed. “Do you think this is going to work, sir?” The Master paused in his final launch preparations to consider the question. “Every wizard, mage, and acolyte...

  7. For the Moment

    “I think she’s perfect,” said Natasha, smiling at him proudly. Eyes sparkling for the first time in years, Cal replied, “Yeah, she might be the one.” “So what’s stopping you?” His face clouded over ever s...

  8. The Dig

    Attempting to unearth her latest find, the Doctor felt a twinge in her back, and stood up to stretch. Despite her youth, the excavation was taking its toll on her body. The aches from yesterday’s work were still with her, building up with each pa...

  9. Kindness of Strangers

    The reboot finished, she rolled her head around, as a human would do to stretch the neck muscles. She seemed satisfied with the movement, looked up at me and said, “Thanks. I guess I should go in for a tune up more often, huh?” I frowned. &...

  10. Closing Time

    Despite the scathing looks the employees shot his way for walking in five minutes before closing, he walked up to the register and ordered his usual small coffee. The girl behind the counter was polite enough, though she didn’t smile and her R...

  11. The Ritual

    It was her ritual, and no one on God’s-green-earth could make her skip it. Not once, not for a single day. He didn’t mind, though. He enjoyed it, actually. Watching her pick up each brush in succession, swirling the matching color palette a...

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