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  1. She Moves In Mysterious Ways (Mature)

  2. Negotiations (Mature)

  3. We Always Stand Up Straight (Mature)

  4. Having Eaten the Bargaining Chips (Mature)

  5. Ow, I landed on my keys...

    “If I told you I was planning to eat you, you would have tried to have me committed,” Tara said, rolling her eyes. “Besides, it wasn’t going to be for a while, I’m still only a class one so I can’t project you out in...

  6. Going In for Dessert

    “What did you have in mind?” Tara asked, a friendly, curious look on her face. “Well, clearly, you like my looks,” Nadia said with a smirk, a teasing tone in her voice. “How would you like to know what it’s like to g...

  7. Cat Food (Mature)

  8. Snow Leopard Upgrade (Mature)

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