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  1. ATTENTION: your spam license has been revoked

    Please report to the nearest corrections facility for an immediate evaluation. Note that your working pod may no longer be a valid location, and you may not be allowed to return based on your evaluation, so please make sure to deposit any belongings in...

  2. What kind of spam is it?

    I asked, hoping it was the good kind. “Run-of-the-mill.” she said, text flickering green off of her glasses as she scrolled through it. “Some comment spammer found our little hideout. Shall I kill them now?”  I nodded and with ...

  3. Stood Up

    There was no one waiting for me when i finally arrived at the entrance to the cave of Ilnath. It was a three day journey from the nearest town and I came expecting a full raiding party, so i did not load myself down with supplies like food and water. I...