The Death of Col. Mustard

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This is a re-hashing of a challenge I posted when I first joined Ficly—sometime long ago, a date I can’t remember—before I realized that people need more than a week to respond to challenges.
Therefore, with renewed vigor, and anticipation at the verbal massacres I know you geniuses can come up with, I issue the challenge again:

Kill Someone.

Not just anyone, mind you, but a character of the game Clue. More so, the character must be killed by another character with an available weapon of the game. Setting is left up to the writer. The only stipulation is a death, a weapon, and a motive.

The players: Miss Scarlet, Col. Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum.
The weapons: Candlestick, Dagger, Lead Pipe, Revolver, Rope, Wrench.

Oh, the places we’ll go.

  • Started December 30th, 2011.
  • Ended January 21st, 2012.
  • Created by M.B. Evans

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Challenge has ended

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Suite Sweat

Author: 32 ^2


  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Americans call it Clue??? seriously. It’s Cluedo guys =)
    Abby x

  2. Avatar Robert Quick

    Often multpiple entries are acceptable!

  3. Avatar RicoLaser

    Seriously people, do this one! I had so much fun I almost wrote two more!

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