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Alright, so, I’ve been reading the Incarnations of Immortality series lately. Amazing series, let me tell you. I highly recommend those books. They’re a tad hard to understand (For me, anyways. Perhaps it’s my twelve-year-old mind?), but amazing nonetheless. So, I thought to myself, “Hey, why not see what my brothers and sister back at Ficly would do?” So, here it is! The challenge:

I want you to pick something. Anything. Ie. Evil, death, love ect. ect… And make it a person or a thing. Demons and what have you are acceptable. But it would be great if they were original, and not stolen from somewhere. Doesn’t matter what they are the incarnation of, how they look, what they are, or who they are as long as they are original.


  • Started August 9th, 2012.
  • Ended August 24th, 2012.
  • Created by Riley

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    As per usual, I don’t think I did the challenge right but I have entered a silly story for your amusement.

    I took the challenges emphasis on ‘original’ very literally.

  2. Avatar chocbird09

    Thank you :)

  3. Avatar Riley

    Yup! Fine by me. c:

  4. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    We usually allow that. ;)

  5. Avatar chocbird09

    Hello! I had this little idea and was wondering: if I’d (possibly) incarnate more than one “something”, would it still be okay? Thanks for an answer :)

  6. Avatar Riley

    On a Pale Horse, For the Good of Evil, and A Tangled Skein. I loved them so much….

  7. Avatar Robert Quick

    I wouldn’t have expected you too. They are all fantasy. You may have an advantage because you are approaching the idea completely fresh.

  8. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Haven’t read any of those books so I kinda wrote the personification of temptation. *Shrug

  9. Avatar Robert Quick

    I loved Piers Anthony for a long time and have read all the incarnations of immortailty. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, American Gods, and Anazazi Boys, cover similar ground. Which ones did you like? I reread On a Pale Horse from time to time, and liked For Love of Evil, And Eternity.

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