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Maybe a few of you have noticed my extended absence over the past few months. I haven’t really posted much or commented. I still get on and read about once a week, but communication has been zilch.

I am posting this as a “Hey, how are ya” type of deal. I know this is a fiction site, but… Well. I don’t care. Because you all are quite nonfictional to me, quite real indeed! And I want to hear how things have been going. I miss talking to you all. I really do.

The challenge, which isn’t really a challenge at all: Write a journal entry. As in, the actual you putting down your actual thoughts. Bitch, whine, moan, brag, share something amazing or absolutely snooze worthy. I will if you will. No censorship. Let it out, dawg!

Maybe you should label it (J) in the title, so people know that it is not technically “fiction.”

Or… You know… You could shoot me a note or a comment or something. I miss the ficly bonds that I had going. :)

  • Started July 22nd, 2013.
  • Ended July 29th, 2013.
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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar Kihd

    Something to stir the water, at least. Thanks guys! :)

  2. Avatar Robert Quick

    Good challenge, Kihd. Nice to see you again.

  3. Avatar BiC

    “Ooo, this one is gonna be tough. I hope I win!” ~ the person that never understands what to do

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