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I’ve been gone from the site for a while, wicked writers’ block. I bet I’m not the only one dealing with this. So, let’s help each other by creating the best writing prompts we can.

The rules are loose… simply create a writing prompt. Start a story and have us finish it, pose a question, come up with rules, do whatever you want but craft a ficly that will inspire us to start writing.

The winner’s prompt will be made into a challenge and I then challenge all participants to enter :)

  • Started July 21st, 2011.
  • Ended July 28th, 2011.
  • Created by Nancy

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  1. Avatar Nancy

    All of the entries were phenomenal – each had its own special voice and definitely helped spark some ideas. There was just something about Rules of Adulthood that resonated with me (so much so that I even used it to write a blog post). But, they were all kick ass and I thank each of you for participating (and the commenters for commenting).

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    This is hard! it’s like telling us to be funny.. when we try, we can’t, but when we don’t try, it just happens!

    Also, as blogger-in-chief, I barely saw this suggestion before SirBic shared it here, and I want to add that those reading this challenge note can go to and read through some great ideas, tips, and sign up (it’s free) to make your own suggestions and share ideas.

  3. Avatar Nancy

    Oh, I forgot about that button but yes, it’s gone. I’m hoping to be around more now. But who knows… not me. I’m fickle. But I love this site. So very, very much. Even if I can’t write worth a damn lately. Thanks for the update – will check out the blog!

  4. Avatar Sir Bic

    Dear Nancy,

    I love this idea! I think this challenge is a great topic for the Ficly blog and I hope we can use your idea, as such. You might not be aware but while you were gone some new and interesting changes have been made to the blog. It is being updated each week with what we hope inspirational material. I personally think we could offer a new ‘writing prompt’ each week as well, kind of like what the old “inspiration” menu item might have done. []o)

    Sir Bic

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