Tarnished Gold

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I dragged my hands through my hair and let out a sigh so loud it stopped the actors on stage in their tracks. I could see the worry on their faces. All they wanted to do was impress me but what they were doing wouldn’t impress a tramp. This lot were useless.

What had happened to the ‘glory days’? I had directed blockbusters, had been known in the smallents countries on Earth, had mingled with the young and the beautiful.

Now I sat on the fragile Director’s chair in the dim stage lights, and it was as if all that happened to someone else.

Gone was the riches and the fame, along with everything else I once cherished. It went with the going of the tide. The stage I now governed was no larger than the bathroom in the million pound villa I had to sell.

And, yes, the convention-goers loved me. The science nerds who watched every episode of Space Wars.

Now the only people who recognise me in the street are those who think I’m Michael Winner.

“Let’s go again,” I sighed. And again. And again…

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Someone needs to comment this apart from PJ Mk.1

  2. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    A brilliant little reflection piece – a bit cliche in places, but well-written nonetheless, so good work on that…!

    Thanks for, another entry, Miss Deane, you really must stop soon ;) MH :)

  3. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I’m done now! Promise!

    Oh, and, may as well say.. this isn’t my real name..

  4. Avatar John Perkins

    I dig the story. Nice reflection on this once proud director, now down on his luck.

    I do have a couple suggestions though. First, I’d modify that last line of the second paragraph. The comma-space-“had” is a little overdone, and doesn’t read as well as it could. I would probably go with something like this (also fixing the spelling error):

    I had directed blockbusters; I was known in the [smallest] countries on Earth; and mingled with the young and the beautiful.

    Also, the phrase “in the dim stage lights” reads improperly. It should be “under the dim stage lights,” “in the glow of the dim stage lights,” or even “in the dim stage light.” The director is not literally in the lights, which is what this phrasing suggests.

    Apart from me being nit-picky, I still very much enjoyed the yarn.

  5. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    John practically said all of the corrections, so I have nothing left but to praise you on a different view of stage that not many people do.

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