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My grandfather gave me a tacklebox for my birthday seven years ago. I had never gone fishin’ before so that summer we went up north, where the horseflies are the size of biplanes and the days last a lifetime. The first cast of the day drifted in a lazy arc over the water, the bright green lure spinning through the humid air. To my embarrasement, and Gramps poorly concealed delight, I promply lost that lure.

I actually just replaced that lure. For the seventh time.

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  1. Avatar 32 Squared

    @3Rd, Very nice little memory. You also open a whole other can of worms. Lure’s and Fly’s are a magnificent art, so small and beautiful and highly collectible. I’ve always wanted one of those baseball caps with lures and fly’s hanging from every inch, ready for use: a tackle box worn on the head.