A Brief Respite

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Those of us who had run paused at the door. I could see the concentration written all over Acrylic’s face—hacking through various networks as he came within virtual earshot, dropping them as we left. I had no idea how he managed.

“Gotta go,” announced Hard Drive, running up the stairwell. “Got some business to take care of.”

Acrylic looked to Hard Drive’s girls. They were barely able to contain their giddiness. “Well?” he sighed. “Are you ladies ready?” They didn’t answer him, opting instead to run giggling through the door and saunter up to the security guard behind the counter.

Acrylic readied a large white bedsheet, which was supposed to conceal him as a malfunctioning drone. “Please maintain your composures, ladies and gentlemen,” he begged us. “We must simply convey ourselves to the executive elevator and utilize the prepared keycards.”

Fetus peered out the window in the door. “If we’re going to go, it’s got to be now,” she flatly announced.

“Then let’s do it,” I declared.

We entered the lobby.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    thanks! Each character is doing exactly what they need to be doing.. muahahaha!

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