To the Elder Ones I Call

Avatar Author: Ronnie I have a hard time writing anything unless it makes me feel small and afraid. The universe is immense, and I am but a speck. Read Bio

With this blood a line I now trace
To drill a hole in both time and space
Two separate circles, concentric each
Into the void I extend my reach
A murder each sabbath for every week of the year
The heart of a sheep, the spleen of a steer
All the parts burned, a sickly sweet incense
I plead, no I ask, no I demand his great presence!
The ground starts to shatter, the sky starts to crack
I knew what I was in for, yet I’m taken aback
A single drop of acid onto my tongue I leave thee
My body starts to numb, my mind now set free
I give myself both mind and soul
To the one that devours worlds whole

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  1. Avatar Ronnie

    It’s a bit childish, but I’ve always wanted to call forth an Elder One. :)

  2. Avatar April Raines

    I’m curious, were you trying to write a sonnet? It’s 14 lines, and seems to be trying (be not quite making) to be iambic pentameter. A little tweaking and you’d be there. The Elder Ones might like that.

    Or perhaps, the chaos was intentional. :)

  3. Avatar Ronnie

    No. I call that, “Ronnie has no understanding of poetry”. As much as I’d like to say I had some grand scheme…I didn’t.