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So I figure I should fill this box in, because otherwise my profile page promised to cry in despair.

The name’s Orange, OrangeOreos. I’m from a now-extinct organization known as Ficlets. I haven’t written much since the good ship Ficlets was sunk by AOL, but I’ll try to get back into the habit!

I guess I should also say that I’m a junior in the fun-house named high school. The school theater is my second home, and all my non-cyber home-skillets live in it, too.

Good writing, everyone!


  1. A Misty-Eyed View of the Past

    The water softened the dry calluses on her feet as she skimmed the surface with her toes. Her Seaking swam lazily underneath her. It seemed to have so little energy lately, and she could relate. It was a struggle getting up some mornings. With a sigh, ...

  2. When Dairy Strikes

    “Afraid not, Detective.” I looked over my shoulder at the man standing behind me, a pensive look on his face as he stared down at the mutilated corpse. “What’s the diagnosis, Doc?” I asked. He shook his head. “Afraid...

  3. jkl;

    Do not fear, Of starting anew. Go on without me. For you, just for you. Go on ahead, Leap far without thought, And leave me behind. I’ll love you… Even when you cannot.

  4. I Am Back

    “I am back,” he said. But he was really lying. He did not stay long…

  5. Duck

    There he was. The old man shuffled to his bench in the park perfectly on schedule, and the scene was set. The picturesque pond was full of lily pads, frogs, and swimming ducks. Next to it, a big shady tree threw its umbrage over the same bench the man ...

  6. Carnage [Out Of Your Genre] (Mature)

  7. Dancing With Muses

    He twirled her around. He guided her through an intricate dance, feet intertwining, hands together, their bodies in motion around each other, hardly ever touching. And yet, when she did touch, what a wonderful thrill coursed through his body! A static ...

  8. Life: The Challenge You Can't Refuse [Retro Ficly]

    Now, I know you’re not dumb. They say you can’t even open your own eyes, but behind those closed eyelids, I know you’re awake. So listen up. Your ears are working just as well as your brain. What I have to tell you just might save your small hide...

  9. It's Time

    As the presence of the book filled the room, there was a respectful moment of silence from both Perry and Connie and a respectful, slightly shocked moment of utter amazement from Tessa. “Is it… is it real?” she finally uttered, taking...

  10. Haiku Week Haiku #3

    It’s almost midnight. My eyes reflect a white screen. Damn insomnia.

  11. Haiku Week Haiku #2

    Fruit: it’s magical! It makes my tummy happy With deliciousness!

  12. Broccoli

    Once upon a time, this little sprig of broccoli could have risen no higher than a fiber-rich substance. It was quite a dead-end career, so to speak. But that was once upon a time, as fairytales are so quick to remind us. And now, this sprig of broccoli...

  13. Haiku Week Haiku #1

    Poetry is hard, So lame-o’s such as I use One shortcut: haikus.

  14. Poor Tessa

    “No,” Connie answered, “I always smell like lemons because I’ve used the same lemon-scented lotion since I came to Earth.” She smiled as Tessa slowly realized what had happened. “But… But…” Tessa st...

  15. Poor Edna

    There once was a girl named Edna, Who never brushed before bed-na. She went to the dentist, Found out she had tetanus, And now poor Edna is dead-na.

  16. A Little Poem

    He said write poems, So I wrote him a poem. I hope he enjoys.

  17. Lurking

    It was then that he heard the voices talking animatedly among themselves. He heard them as soon as he had entered from the rooftop. The window had led to a musty attic, and there had been nothing of interest. Going through another trapdoor, he entered ...

  18. Remnants

    Bob stared, his mouth gaping at the unnatural naturalness of it all. “But… but where did you come from?” The dust shimmered slightly, as though it were laughing. Isn’t it obvious? These particles, every atom of them, are all tha...

  19. Just Another Chance Encounter

    It was the last thing you’d expect to see in a swimming pool. In fact, it was the last thing you’d expect to see anywhere in the known universe. The fact that it happened in Billy’s swimming pool was just one of those fascinatingly mi...

  20. The Third Traveler

    He stood up carefully on the slanted plane, grabbing on to a brick protrusion for support. His head pounded strongly, and a sudden dizziness swept through him. Luckily, the floor beneath him had a rough surface, and he was able to keep his balance as h...

  21. The Woman on the Street

    “So you don’t know who I am?!” “Excuse me, ma’am, but I’m really in a hurry. Goodbye.” He brushed her hand away as if it were the hand of a small girl, and not the hand of a grown woman. He really didn’t ...

  22. Kobieta Na Drodze

    “To ty nie wiesz kto ja jestem?!” “Przepraszam panią, ale naprawdę się spiesze. Do zobaczenia.” On wział jej rękę i odrzucił ją jak by to było ręka małej dziewcynki, a nie ręka dorosłej kobiety. Naprawde nie miał c...

  23. Authoritative Detective Work

    The author gave Gweneth a quizzical stare. There was something wrong here, and it was her given duty as the author to find out what that was. “Well, normally, here in this world… “Meeting your creator” isn’t seen as a good...

  24. Anniversary

    “Wine?” “Do you have something stronger?” “Not with me.” “Then wine’s fine.” She took the glass, and set it down as best as she could on the table in front of her, stealing a sip in the midst of the...

  25. Victim

    Ignore that. They’re just trying to mess with you. I’ve been here a while, and I’m one of the only ones they haven’t got to. Over there you can see one of the victims. Yeah, all that puke next to him is his. Kind of an amazing c...

  26. Young Master Tompkins

    Young Master Tompkins peeked out from the garden hedges at the edge of the street to watch a flustered Mr. Maxwell rush by. He quickly hid his head back underneath the bush, but it was too late. “Tompkins!” Tompkins cautiously stuck his hea...

  27. Adelaide Gets a Twist

    Adelaide gazed absentmindedly at the fairies floating around her. “You don’t have fairies in real life, do you?” she said, lost in thought once more. Nope. “Hm…” she murmured, apparently distraught at the thought. &#...

  28. Adelaide Loses Herself in Thought

    While you’re distracted, I think I’m going to go back to my storyline, thank you. So… The Prince, in his excitement, forwent breakfast and ordered his horse to be prepared for a full day out as soon as his personal dresser was finishe...

  29. Triskadekaphobia

    It was everywhere. This was the last straw. No more would this idiotic figure be present in the human race! No more! I would obliterate it! It would no longer haunt me on every single street! It would no longer be a presence in my life, or anyone’...

  30. The Maiden Gets a Fairy Godmother

    The ashamed and furious maiden ran home through the woods. She snuck into her small house towards the edge of the village, and not a human soul saw her again that day. That night, she dreamt of the past day’s experiences. The Prince chased her th...

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