A Word

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It begins.

A word.
Sleek and dignified,
Seeping in through the eyes,
Careering over the lips
Into the world.

A single word
Humming noisily,
Starting as only these letters
Only to grow wider
Spreading into the ether.

Just one word.
It flips a switch,
Lighting up the corners
Brushing away the dust
Revealing something forgotten.

A graceful word,
Gliding over waves
Flitting across clouds
Up into the sky,
Into oblivion.

The word
That sparks a flame
That ignites a bonfire
That signals the masses
And brings a revolution.

The word
That nudges a rock
That drops into the ocean
That starts a wave
And ends an empire.

The word
Only known to you,
Lighting up your eyes,
Flushing out your face,
As pen puts to paper.

The word,
That begets a sentence
That creates a paragraph
That encompasses a novel
To be read by millions.

So small and slight
That come together
Linking arms
To change the course of history.

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  1. Avatar stargazer1960

    Very nice. A writer’s journey.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    I had to reread a few of these stanzas to really understand them. ‘Seeping in through the eyes’ ‘careening over the lips’ (seeing/comprehending the word; saying/ speaking/ the word). There’s ambition and excitement and meaning here. It’s stirring, like a charismatic speech, or an ode to one. Like the process and relationship of language and inspiration from seed to tree. Welcome back. Well done :)