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  1. Seven Turns and the Articulate Stranger

    The dark, drafty old house was lopsided and decrepit, leaning in on itself, the way an aging possum carrying a very heavy, overcooked drumstick in his mouth might list to one side if he were also favoring a torn Achilles tendon, assuming possums have t...

  2. Memory, Memory, Who has the . . .

    Memory. It is entirely possible, yea plausible and probable, that I have Menopause Brain. Lately, in front of my friends, fellow faculty members, and family it takes me an everlasting eternity to find the right, reasonable, and recommended word. This m...

  3. Bragging Writes

    Baby, it takes a lot of work to look this good. I see you checking me out. My abs? Yeah, I got a pick six, like all the big athletes. Feel those biceps. It’s alright. You can squeeze ’em. Like pomegranates, right? Oh, I know tons about foot...

  4. Route 598

    Route 598 in rural Ohio is beautiful, and brutal, in winter. The field sparrows scrape the gravel of the berm looking for kernels of corn the grain trucks spilled on the way to the silos. Occasionally a harrier hawk will interrupt with a starved search...

  5. Time

    Time was her friend. She danced. She spun on bare feet on the thin beam in the gym. Kicked legs high on a stage filled with light. Faced the fear of the vault head on. Wore skates like they were meant to be there. She sang. Still does. The voice has gr...

  6. Disneyfied

    “Abomination is what I am.” “Blasphemous words are what they speak. Contrition will come when you accept what they have done.” “Damnation is the price we all pay when Disney does the classics. Esmerelda, they made you . ....

  7. Regret

    Billy was my nephew, and godchild. Fell miserably short as his godmother. Now I must pray daily for his soul and my sister’s grief.

  8. Litter-Airy Violations

    Morning, the sound of ticking clocks starts the rhythm and my pen is flowing, but in my office sits a litter box. Alas, my cats will not stop going. I long for the fragrance of Thoreau’s hills, but instead am met with persistent pawing. I ignore,...

  9. The Dragon's Tale

    Lady Victoria found herself in quite a spot. She yearned to be a knight, but the king said, “You cannot!” “And furthermore, a lady waits. She waits on hands and feet. She waits for noble suitors and that makes her life complete.”...

  10. Phlogiston

    Becher suggested it. Stahl named it. Priestly defended it, but I control it. I am the Priestess of Phlogiston. The fool Lavoisier, with his measurements and instruments, doubted its power. He mocked Phlogiston, calling it a mere product of oxidation. T...

  11. Learnin' and Luc

    “This coconut shell, rendered and shredded, aloud (sic) us to carrie (sic) on.” Doctor LeAnne Hurst read the scratches on the coconut tree. “Learned to hide. Learned to hunt. Learned to catch insects.” She and the others reached...

  12. When Is a Line, Not a Line?

    When is a line, not a line? Trick question. It never is. This beautifully polished agate looks grey, no organdy in color. It’s highly reflective surface captures the ripples of a pool of minerals over a million years ago. Parallel lines follow th...

  13. Moscow Needs a Cowgirl

    I was waiting for the soda jerk to make me a second root beer. The first one had exploded out of its paper cup like a bad science project of baking soda and vinegar coming out of a fake papier mache volcano. That is when I saw her entering the diner. S...

  14. The World Began in 1995

    If you have ever heard the furniture salesman/ school board president proclaim in a meeting, “We didn’t need computers when I was in school,” then you know it is difficult for any school district run for the people and by the people t...

  15. Jesus, the Barrista

    I went in for a hot tea at a funky java place, Where I witnessed a transformation that put a smile upon my face. A tragic hipster groaned that he had ordered a double shot. The barrista waved her spoon and assured him that was what he got. She was Jesu...

  16. Walls

    I am breaking a wall here. I am reaching out of the screen and placing my hand upon yours. I want to share a bit of me and I hope you will share a bit of yourself. This is my 100th ficly, written on the 100th anniversary of the Washington DC Suffrage P...

  17. Famous

    What if you lived in a rural area with an unspoken rule? What if you never saw the real estate agents turning people away? What if the only dark faces you ever saw were on television? That was my world in 1969. It was lived in limited air. Oh, you coul...

  18. Something Borrowed

    She was waiting for Lily, not noticing the darkness nor the cold. Her tightly woven auburn locks had become rigid as they cascaded from her satin veil. Her lace dress, once white as the silk bouquet that rested in her fat and unyielding fingers, had ye...

  19. Bottle

    You’re glaring at the empty and innocent bottle on the edge of the desk. I could not justify dirtying a glass after the dishes were finished. No, that’s not it. I like drinking from the bottle because it doesn’t taste like soap and fo...

  20. Rita Clara

    My younger sister is able to pry secrets from my grandmother like no one else. For example, I learned from my sister, years ago, that the kindly old woman who signed my $25 birthday checks Rita M for Rita Marie was fibbing. “You know, Grandma was...

  21. "Of Rats and Men . . . "

    I am a rat, born in the Year of the Rat, and I’m not going to take the indignity any more. You don’t hear the Chinese people singing the praises of “mice”, and you know why? Because they know better. Your garden variety mouse is...

  22. Room Without Windows

    “Her sister said she loved to travel and eat. Pretty sure it was the eating that did her in.” “Says here that she was ‘A Peaceful Activist’. Why, that’s bull! I ain’t never heard ‘peaceful’ used for...

  23. The Cost of Catnip

    Cat chasing snowflakes, thumps against the window glass. He’s newly de-clawed. Paws that cannot grasp- the cold causes retraction. Tiger in a cage. His full tummy grows, No longer lean, muscular- Forgotten freedom.

  24. Legacy

    There were a thousand words and they added up to nothing. They sat like the sermon in Eleanor Rigby, waiting for another living soul to care. “This is the reason why we shouldn’t pour our hearts out to a computer screen. It has no life, onl...

  25. All that glitters, is sweat socks

    Two sisters sit on lawn chairs sipping tea on Memorial Day. The radio is playing. Leslie: That’s a pretty necklace you’re wearing, sis. June: Thanks, it was a present from my second husband. Leslie: You know, sis, you have more pieces of je...

  26. Fugue

    There is this state that she passes through on occasion just south of Confusion, but not quite past the border of Delusion. She knows when she gets there because the pain stops. It’s not like a red octagon, screeching-tires finish. It’s mor...

  27. embarCadero square

    the giant palm trees in embarCadero square must be Cold in the winter beCause CiviC planners plaCed Crescent-shaped ConCrete bloCks at the bases to Cut the wind layers of mulCh are added to proteCt the roots not made of Cedar nor pine Chips but ra...

  28. The Perfect Accessory

    She didn’t know why she held the scarf, but she was sure it had something to do with the fact that she was in an unfamiliar world. She thought back. How many plays had she been in that included this black scarf with the rainbow geometric shapes? ...

  29. You Say You Want a Revolution

    It was a single chord, played over and over, but it wasn’t monotonous. Sometimes it thrashed the air like frozen rain on the Dakota flatlands. Sometimes it plucked lightly as if it ushered in the birth of the guitarist’s child. Sometimes it...

  30. Flag Pole

    “Listerine?” She asked. “Yes, Listerine. It’s an antiseptic, it’s flammable, and it gives you fresh breath.” “I thought you said you needed duct tape, paper clips, and rubber bands to rule the world?” Her...

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