Tangible Treasures

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This story’s joyful journey
Is a delightful dance between dusty tomes

Though its evolution is one of tears and screams and bonfires
So much and many treasures have persisted
Cradled between countless comrades
In buildings of brick or wood or metal or stone
Cared for by those dedicated
To ensuring their charges survive
The multitude of sticky hands
And careless restocking these treasures encounter every day

These precious places
Create safe havens for young and silver haired alike
An escape into another world
Focused exploration into the unknown
Familiar friends with predictable responses

So many vital facets
Held together by a web of experiences
And contained within structures
Whose importance have declined
In the face of electronic transfer
As the tangible is slowly transformed
And forgotten

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  1. Avatar stargazer1960

    Really lovely imagery and a nice tribute to the permanence of paper.

  2. Avatar artistmarsh

    thinking about ‘the multitude of sticky fingers and careless restocking’
    and ‘the familiar friends with predictable responses’ make me smile about my library experiences – I agree, a really nice tribute!

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    The flow felt a little choppy, but not bad, and I really liked the overall message. I liked the line about ‘sticky hands’ too—created a nice visual of eager kids tugging books off shelves to explore them.

  4. Avatar Serena June

    I liked the message as well – the last line really makes this piece – though I feel the alliteration is at times jarring (perhaps you could add some assonance instead, to enrich the work).