Care and Maintenance

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You’ll want to take special care with your battery pack. It powers your headgear’s network connection, sensors, and reporting channels, and maintains appropriate electrode tension against your vertebra and soft palate.

Your spare battery should remain in the charging cradle at all times; be sure to carry it and its AC adapter with you when you leave the house. Once your battery discharges fully or is removed, mechanical backups will activate progressively stronger measures until it is changed. This will also happen if any part of your headgear is exposed to water, so be very careful in the shower.

Your headgear also features a Webcam, which may be accessed by anyone who holds one of the remote controls. You’ll hear an alarm tone if the camera is blocked or otherwise disabled; as above, progressively stronger measures will be applied until the camera is seeing clearly again.

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  1. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Geez, you can’t stop making this horrific thing worse, can ya?

  2. Avatar Kent Brewster

    Rubbing my hands together and cackling madly as I write … much of this was inspired by watching my kids and stepkids getting braces, and the horrific way the technicians talked about it. (“It’s gonna hurt, and you’re gonna be an ugly social outcast, and if you don’t do exactly what we tell you to do, they’re gonna stay on for another year or two.”)

  3. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Hm… if you did that for this piece, what madness would ensue if I were to re-release my Diabolically Villainous Challenge? First time on ficlets was crazy, second time on Protagonize one-upped that (I didn’t think that was possible at the time)… shudders at thought

  4. Avatar Nancy

    great series of ficlies (ficlets?).

  5. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    This is just getting crazy, and I love every word of it.

  6. Avatar sesquipedalian

    my goodness..
    this is amazing!

  7. Avatar Stovohobo

    The instructional booklet style retains the original horrific, emotionless feel of the first one. Great addition.

  8. Avatar tijir

    You couldn’t have put this in a better spot!

  9. Avatar SerKevin

    Man, this just keeps getting creeper by Ficly…

  10. Avatar Philippe Mongeau

    I realy like this story, it’s just great :)

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