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They built the wall to the prescribed psychological specification on a hillside near a busy arterial. When the work crews finally unveiled it, he nondescript white surface was was vast and tantalizing in the afternoon sun. But no cars slowed or otherwise paid any notice as they whizzed by.

The first writer approached the wall nonchalantly at just past 3:37AM, dark hoody up over his head, bag on his shoulder. With the bars closed, there was no traffic of note and the city was mostly silent. He sized up the wall then pulled out a spray can and set to work. Three cameras across the street silently monitored and recorded the progress of his artistic assault, but no alarms sounded. He finished his throw-up, gathered the spray cans off the ground and scrambled into the darkness.

Elsewhere :

“Cell phone was a disposable so we couldn’t trace the billing address, but we successfully tagged him with multiple rfids on his shoes, bag and spray cans. We’re tracking him now.”

“Excellent. Reset the wall.”

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  1. Avatar illusionistic

    This is indeed very interesting. Can’t wait to read more. :)

  2. Avatar Jay

    Very interesting! I like how the artist tagged and was tagged himself. Very nice parallel, although one is more sinister than the other!

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    haha! What a way to catch a vandal! But if the person was truly an artist who couldn’t let a blank space exist without color.. then they’ve got the wrong man.. this gives me an idea.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I sequelled with my idea.. please sequel!

  5. Avatar tomtom87

    Effing RFIDs!

  6. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Nice double meaning of “tagging”. And you got a lot of sequels, I see. Wow.

    Wish I could do that.

  7. Avatar Chakatreamentinnahouse (LoA) Fool

    Damn, it was a TRAP!!! I shoulda known! Great idea, by the way:)

  8. Avatar boxofun

    Too close to home…

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