Vince's Big Break

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The only difference between Vince and the rest of the people auditioning for the lead singer of Black Shark was that Vince was a nine-year-old boy. The lights were hot and bright on the wooden stage, as the curtains behind him fluttered for a few seconds and a heavy-set man emerged in a white tux.

“We ain’t no kid’s band. Who let you in?”

“Now hold on a minute, Danny,” came a voice from the seats of the auditorium. A thin man wearing eye shadow walked on stage. “Who are you, kid?”

“You’re Tony Izadorri, lead guitarist of Black Shark. I’m Vince, your next lead singer.”

“Let’s give him a shot,” Tony said, whistling to a group of fans who threw him a beer.

“We don’t have time! There’s a photo shoot, Tony, rehearsals, and don’t forgot we got a concert booked with your new lead singer. Problem is you don’t have a lead singer!!”

“It’s my band. I call the shots. He gets a chance.”

“You’re killing me, T!”

“I love you, Danny boy.”

“Screw you.”

“Alright, kid. What do you want to sing?”

“Devil’s apprentice.”

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