G.M. DeBarthe

I love to write! Sadly, most of my writing for the next few years will be focused on “it”. It being my dissertaion. I heard the dissertations were a pain, but when your University offers counseling for “Dissertation crisis” it kinda makes you wonder. Between my getting a Ph.D, working and being a single mom with 2 kids, I only wish I had more time to write, something people might actually read. (Or at the least would be fun to write. )

Telling stories is fun and on long and short road trips my family regales in telling new stories and retelling old ones. My recent favorite was about the boy who couldn’t get anywhere, because he was always asking how much father? Sadly, my son failed to take the hint, but it was a fun story to tell. Maybe, you’ll read it here when I get around to writing it, but right now I am off procrastinating writing my Ph.D.

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