so long, farewell 2009...

2009 wasn’t one of my best years, but there are still things I’m thankful for.

I know Americans have the Thanksgiving thing, but I’m an Aussie and there are many others not from the US of A here at this site. That said, I’ll be rapt if Americans join in this challenge as well!

A simple challenge, yet could prove creatively challenging.

Write about what you are thankful for from 2009.

It could be a list of many things (or all of them?), it could be prose talking about one or two, a poem might be nice, or it may even be a piece of fiction based on the theme. All in all, it really doesn’t matter so long as your literary juices get flowing and you enjoy sharing with others!

We’ve already celebrated the coming of 2010 here in Oz, so I wish everyone who is yet to see it in happy and safe celebrations.

And have a think about what you’re thankful for and share something with us. Go on. You know you want to…

Challenge Entries