Whole Lotta Stairway Breakdowns

I remember my earliest music memory was sitting in my living room, and my dad blasting Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” on his Hi-Fi. My dad was obsessed with Zeppelin. Even to this day he would, on a regular basis, grab a Zeppelin concert DVD and play it super loud on his far more superior Home Entertainment system.

Whenever I hear any other Zeppelin classic, I always think of my dad. So tonight as I was rocking down memory lane listening to Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham; I was inspired to write a story inspired by a Zeppelin song. I chose Gallows Pole. (I would link it, but this challenge is about you not me).

So here’s the challenge, write a story inspired by a Led Zeppelin song. Could be any genre, any style of writing you want as long as the title is the name of the song you chose. If you could tie the story to the title, even better. Also no repeating songs already chosen by other authors.


Nah just kidding. Go for it!

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