"Traveling Through Space, Bouncing Through Time"

December 8th is Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day, and is a day, as the name suggests, to pretend to be a time traveller.

Very soon after I found out about this day I got to thinking about a possible persona to adopt. Shortly after my brain started planning out who I’d be as a time traveller I thought, “This could be an interesting character exercise.”

So, that is my challenge to you: write up a character sketch, in whatever manner or format you see fit, portraying your time traveling persona.

- Let us know where/whence you’re from; suggested timeframes are Past, a Dystopian Future, or a Utopian/Cliché Future.
- Describe appearance and/or demeanor, summarize philosophies, anything you’d feel would help characterize your persona.
- If you’re coming from the Past, try to be slightly historically accurate.
- A chain of ficlies is allowed
- Of course, have fun with it!

Best wishes!

Challenge Entries