Sweet Reunion

The airport bustled with travelers going one way or another.

“Flight 743 from Atlanta, now arriving.” I stood to watch it park. I wondered if I would recognize him, if he would recognize me. Would we hug, or would we just smile and wave?

We had each been waiting for this moment from the day the letter came. I nervously opened it, standing beside my mailbox in the bright sun. The black letters were in stark contrast to the bright white paper. I squinted as I read, my head hurting from the shock to my eyes. “We have found your twin brother living in Jesup, Georgia.” We’d written, and each letter brought happiness to my mailbox, but I was still nervous about meeting him in person.

The stewardesses flanked the doorway, and thanked each passenger as they filed through; a man in a Hawaiian shirt, too old, another in a business suit, too formal, and some women cackling, then a man in cargo pants and a polo, his hair the same color as mine. Our eyes met, shocking blue, and matching dimples formed.

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