Damsel in Distress?

AHHHHHHH! Several women screamed.

Our hero heard screaming from his next door neighbour’s apartment. He quickly rushed over to see what was the matter. Our hero pounded on the door, ready to attack whatever it was that caused that blood curdling scream.

The door opened and as he was about to attack …. the cute neighbour girl from next door opened smiling. There was no distress, only a party.

Our hero was still on edge, but that cute neighbour girl diffused it by inviting him in.

They had talked before, exchanged a few – hey how are you’s – in the hallway a few times. But they had never really had a long in depth conversation. In the midst of a small apartment cramped with people, the two talked for what seemed like a long time. By the time the party had subsided our hero and the cute neighbour girl had gotten close.

When they were the only two left, our hero thought it was time to leave. The cute neighbour girl, thanking him for trying to come to her rescue, sealed the night with a kiss.

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