A Climax (Not Sexual)

Darius was laughing at me.
“Silly boy. Give me the box.” his British accent ringing through the lower deck like a bell.
I whimpered silently to myself, clutching the small metal contraption to my chest as I raised the pistol. He didn’t know where I was, so I was in a perfect position to shoot. I didn’t want to look, but had to so as not to waste my final bullet.
“Oy!” he yelled, “I’m not playin’ now. Where are you?!” He turned as I pulled the trigger. There was a spray of blood, which dissipated into the air, leaving a gaping hole. Straight through his forehead.
His eyes rolled back into his head as he fell back, his feet kicking into the air. It was quite comical, really.
The box was finally safe. The man who had killed my parents was finally dead. I could finally go home.
Suddenly, the boat’s horn rang, people running to the upper deck.
“We’re sinking!!” was what I made out between the screams, the boat creaking as the front tipped into the air.
I pushed “Forward” on my time watch and returned to safety.

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