She Had to End This

She ran quickly through the woods, seemingly at random. She had little rivers of blood all over her from the myriad of twigs and leaves that slapped at her along her way. This only fueled their bloodlust.
Lethal objects hummed by her body, inches away. One stumble and they would pounce. She couldn’t afford for that to happen. She had one shot at this. She had to get it right or she would pay the ultimate price.
After what seemed an eternity, she caught a glimpse of the clearing.
As she raced into it, the fevered shouts of her pursuers grew closer. Then she stopped. Dead in her tracks.
A smile spread across her face as she knew she had them. They raced into the clearing after her, never hesitating.
As they all fell into the chasm exposed beneath their feet, she steadied herself on the little island of ground she had managed to find days ago. But fate wasn’t done with her yet.
The last to fall grabbed the cuff of her jeans. As she was pulled down with them, she knew she’d rest in peace knowing it was over.

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