Hold Your Breath

We stood there until forever had come and gone. Time was inconsequential. It slipped by on a breeze, never to be seen or heard of again. Our eyes locked and glowed in the lamplight, as the candle burned at both ends. We both knew that we were running out. Running out of what? Energy? Empathy? Patience? E: All of the above.
I broke the silence, and with my first word the candle flickered, and the night sank deeper into us. “You know…”
“I know.” You replied softly, eyes never leaving mine. And a chill rushed through me. You moved closer. “I’ve known this whole time.”
“About everything?” I whispered, terrified now. Rather than answer, you moved closer still. Terribly confused and unsure what to do next, I clamped my lips shut tighter. I was suddenly far more aware of my lips and…yours. Your lips. Moving. You spoke.
“I understand.” You were an angel. You are an angel.
“You do?”
“I do.” Those words, brushed my heart, no matter the context.
“And you…do you…”
“Yes. I love you, too.” And the world went away.

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