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I’m making up for not being here as much. Going through mental crisises, physical pain dillemas, emotional distress and school. Anyway, I hope to be posting more and soon.


  1. Skittles

    Once upon a time, there was a girl who met a guy. The first few days were nice, the next three years weren’t as great. Then one day while sitting and arguing at the lake, they form a truce to restart. They sealed the deal with a pack of Skittles....

  2. Oedipus (Mature)

  3. The Knight's Prayer

    Every clash of the sword, every whip in the air, every step in the dust was another move forward to victory or death. Either one would be honorable, for it was accomplished in battle. Adrenaline pumped through the knight’s veins and sent tingles ...

  4. Invincible

    Hey Sunshine,what’s up? It’s me…remember? You look great for someone who’s comatose. Well anyway, I brought you something, a picture of us. Remember when we went to that photo booth and took all of those pictures? I’ll put...

  5. The Cause of Murder (Mature)

  6. Alone (Mature)

  7. Super

    An empty street greets your feet. The only sounds on the campus streets are your shoes hitting the pavement in that rhythmic tap tap. As soon as you reach the shuttle bus stop, the light above your head burns out, leaving you in complete darkness. “...

  8. Monster: Song inspired

    “Well, why haven’t you left yet? You said that we couldn’t work out.” I could see the hurt behind her eyes, as much as she tries to hide it. I clutch my bag tightly, watching her devastation before me, knowing that I had caused ...

  9. Flutter (Mature)

  10. For the Love of Love

    He was my once in a lifetime. He was that guy. That perfect guy that everyone wanted to be and be with. Everyone wanted to know him and be his best friend. He was one of my best friends and I fell for him…hard. I hated myself for it, not knowing ...

  11. For southsideof10

    I drag my soap box out into the middle of the crowded New York sidewalk. Stepping up, I take the megaphone into my hand and raise it to my mouth. The words that flow are words I am sure people have heard before. They’ve watched preachers shouting...

  12. The Love of A Mother

    She was conceived from both anger and love, which is rather hard to understand and even harder to explain. She grew, into a beautiful angelic girl, full of happiness and joy, loving everyone and everything. No one would have thought that she would have...

  13. Beautiful Ugly

    “Why am I so ugly?” “Don’t say that…you’re beautiful.” “Stop lying to me…my face is screwed up and my body’s too big.” “What are you talking about? You’re perfect just the wa...

  14. Those Hands

    Long elegant slender fingers, fleshy strong palms. His hands. Those hands shook mines on the day that we met. Those hands held mine as we danced. Those hands interlaced with mines when I woke up in the morning to see it was not a dream. Those hands hel...

  15. My Angel

    I’ve lost my angel. My guardian, my protector, my guiding light, he’s gone from me. I need to find him. My friend, my brother, my connection to something that is bigger than you and me. He helps keep me whole, keep me sane. I don’t kn...

  16. If You Had Told Me

    If you had told me we would meet, I’d say, I know. If you had told me that we’d be together, I’d say, I believe you. If you had told me that we would get married and have wonderful children, I’d say, I figured. If you had told ...

  17. One Moment

    This is it. It’s over. You realize that, you can’t do anything anymore. Nothing can be done. Everything you worked for is gone. Every effort that you have made to protect the one thing that makes you life worthwhile, to make sure that it wa...

  18. Stop Singing That!!

    S-u-p-e-r-c-a-l-i-f-r-a- g- i-l-i-s-t-i-c-e-x-p-a-l-i-d-o-C-I-O-U-S!!

  19. If You Really Knew Me

    If you really knew me, you would know that I’m in love with one of my best friends and he doesn’t know it.If you really knew me, you would know that I’m stuck in between two social cliques. If you really knew me, you would know that I...

  20. How I Love You

    Cuddling. Snuggling. Kissing. Squeezing. Loving you.

  21. The Real Me

    I am the artist with the sensitive soul. The writer that uses blunt words in everyday life. I’m the teenager that wants to be an adult. I’m the child that attempts at being obedient. I’m the sibling that can’t imagine being an o...

  22. Stop

    We had made it. Lost a few good men, travelled through the extremes, almost given up but we made it. As we came closer, a strange feeling came over me, like a tugging almost. I was fatigued but I trudged forward, leaving my team behind me. We were in t...

  23. A Trail of Roses

    “Honey! I’m back!” I shouted out, closing the door with my foot. My arms were getting tired from the groceries, so I place them down in the kitchen. As I began to put the perishables away I saw what looks like red rose petals on the c...

  24. If I Told You

    The small scrap of paper fluttered to the floor as Jack gets up to go. I reach for it, catching only air. It leaves a whisper in the air as it falls and I pray that it will go unnoticed by him. It doesn’t. He turns, seeing it as it lands on the c...

  25. Just Skin

    We live our lives judging others by the outward appearances. The clothes we wear, the style of our hair, and what how much money we can spend. We also judge by the color of our skin. Our skin. Red, yellow, black, and white. Variations, tones, and shade...

  26. Baggage

    I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. And sometimes, it is. Having everyone depending on you to save them. 6 billion souls to save from Hell. 6 billion. Its hard. I’m tired, guys. I can’t save everyone. As much as I try t...

  27. Forgotten

    They saw saw her everyday It didn’t register who she was exactly They knew her from somewhere But where they didn’t know A long time ago they knew her But that memory was there Slowly… Fading… Away… Forgotten… ...

  28. Game Time

    Yelling, cheering, chanting. The din came from either side of the the football field. Less than friendly banter was exchanged from opposing fans. Lines splayed from the concession stand, students and parents brought gifts of popcorn to their family and...

  29. Homecoming

    It had been weeks since it happened.Weeks since he proposed and I said yes. And since I discovered I was positive. We were excited and could hide it easily. Excitement had already filled the air. Homecoming. And I was engaged to the captain of the foot...

  30. Becoming A Man

    Somehow, they found out. Maybe it slipped from the lips of a trusted confident. It spread like wildfire, touching every person it could. ’You’re finally a man! Took you long enough.’ Buddies look at you with approval, playful banter i...

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