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There’s not much to say about who I am, however like most here my passion is writing.
I hope to improve my vocabulary and skills in English to one day, hopefully, be able to put my ideas into words in a way I’m proud of.


  1. Don't Jump

    “Don’t do it,” Red said, frowning at his closest friend. “Don’t. Really, you don’t have to prove anything. Don’t. Do it. Don’t jump-” White smirked at him. He smirked. How could he look so happy whe...

  2. Stolen Goods

    He’d been so close, so very, very close. The Dragon’s Blood had been right there in his reach if he only would have been fast enough. He could have reached for it, but if he’d done so all eyes would have been on him at once. The Princ...

  3. Never Alone

    She was never alone. No matter where or how far she went, or how hard she tried to leave them behind, they were always there with her, nagging. All of them, except the one that mattered the most. Never alone, always alone. She wondered if it would e...

  4. Blank

    Blank. Blank blank blank blank. No matter how hard I looked at the vast whiteness spreading before my eyes, all I could think of was… well, nothing. My mind was blank. As white and blank and empty as the page on my computer screen. A second thoug...

  5. Open and Gone

    A door opens, my dreams leave. ………………………..

  6. The Dark

    Darkness came into the room, accompanying Dark. The first one hurried up to the much more comfortable bed, climbing on it and settling to lick it’s paws. The latter took his time making it to his own darker chaise, standing before the full body ...

  7. The Light

    A comfortable chaise lounge was set before the fully body mirror, complete with fluffy pillows and a blanket, all in clear colors. It was Light’s favorite spot to rest, so it was the most comfortable chair in the room. It was night when Light ret...

  8. The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

    No matter how bright the Stars would shine, they could not pierce the impenetrable darkness on his heart… so what had made the Moon think she could do just that? Did she not only reflect what the stars could give? She had no light of her own to ...

  9. Strange Collections (Mature)

  10. Que te diviertas preparandote!

    Detenido en el umbral, mi expresión cambia de inmediato a una de impaciencia. ¿Qué demonios te lleva tanto tiempo? Mi esposa no se molesta en volverse hacia mi, simplemente me mira por el espejo de su cómoda arreglando su pelo. Todavía tengo qu...

  11. The Stream of Broken Memories

    As our boat floats down the river carried only by the water’s current, we give a last look at what was once our home, our parent’s home, and the home of their parents; now consumed almost entirely by fire. A shiver runs down my spine as the...

  12. Rethink Your Plan

    Adele had been okay while she still seemed interested in her, but now her brother, Julian, was who spent the most time around her… Oh, Julian was terrible with her indeed. He would always pull at her hair, calling her names, forcing her to places...

  13. La Celda (Babel Challenge)

    Golpeé la puerta de metal hasta que mis manos sangraron. Por qué no me dejan salir? Quienes son, por qué me tienen aquí? Si al menos me hubiesen dado una razón, me hubiesen dicho que es lo que hice mal, por qué merezco este castigo… pero lo...

  14. A Moment in Time

    The ship’s largest room had been heavily decorated for the occasion, although what occasion that was exactly was beyond their knowledge. Draperies and fancy tables were set about, details of gold easily caught the eye, food and drink at their rea...

  15. Your Secret Admirer

    I love you. I don’t think I’ve ever done quite as much for anyone else as I have for you, and you didn’t even need to ask. I never thought myself as one to put their life on the line for someone else- selfish, but that’s who I ...

  16. Heartache

    I don’t know if he ever understood how terrible this all was to me, the despair and loneliness I felt when he was taken from me, cruelly, like ripping away a part of my very soul; for that is what he really was to me- another part of myself, we w...

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Samantha Lau's Followers (6)

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