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10/23/13 – Over 2 years since I last posted something here. My faith in my storytelling abilities had abandoned me for a while. Now, I’m preparing for my first NaNoWriMo, so I’m here to get in some practice. It’s good to be back!


  1. Defending The Home

    We heard shots fired next door. One each for Tony, Jenna, and Simone. Damn it! They would be coming for us, next. I told Anna, “Upstairs! If I go down…” “I know,” she said. “I love you.” Before I could reply, s...

  2. Where Is It

    I storm into my room. Where is it. I have to find it! On my bookshelf? No. I empty my dresser drawers on the floor. Still nothing. I can feel the panic starting to grip me. Hold on, I tell myself. You’ll find it. They’ll be safe. I flip the...

  3. The Challenge

    As I walked into the room, all eyes stared hungrily at me. I ignored them. The one I wanted was at the other end of the room, seated on a bejeweled throne of gold and platinum. I hate vampire lords. Pretentious pricks. “Garivos!” I yelled, ...

  4. Dear Diary

    Dear diary. Well, the good news is that, after six days, I finally got some sleep. The bad news is that I passed out at work while helping a customer. It gets better. I woke up in the hospital. Apparently, I brought a whole shelf of canned goods with m...

  5. A Letter To New Scotland Yard

    Commissioner, As you can see by the grisly photographs that accompany this letter, I am a killer, and a skilled one at that. There are a few missing, my earliest ones, but you have images of those in your archives, I know. At first, I thought I was on ...

  6. Eyewitness Accuracy

    It had been a long day. I was ready for a good night’s sleep. As I closed the door to my office, from behind me I heard, “Excuse me, sir.” I turned. It was the new kid. Morrison? Morrissey? “Yes, Ms. Morrissette?” She gave...

  7. Time Jumps

    It started seven years from now. Or it will start… Or… Oh, hell. I hate discussing my past when part of my past is your or someone else’s future. I’m a child of the 80’s (which, with ever-present Flock Of Seagulls hair-do,...

  8. Needs

    I was here. I’d searched long and hard for him, the best in the world at tebori, traditional Japanese tattoos. “I want…” “I will not give you what you want,” he said. “Just what you need. Take off your clothes,...

  9. Unexpected Aid

    Thrust and parry. Attack, dodge, counterattack. We had been going on like this for what seemed like hours, though I knew it was only minutes. Blood seeped from a dozen or so shallow cuts all over me. I hadn’t even managed to get him to sweat. Eve...

  10. Final Options

    It took them 5 minutes to tear through. Just as we heard the last piece of the barricade go, an explosion ripped through the hallway. “What the…” Peretti tried (and failed) to look innocent. “Did I forget to mention I rigged the...

  11. Fault

    It wasn’t my fault. Okay, not totally my fault. I mean, yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have been walking along the highway. But baseball practice ran late, and it was the shortest way home. And, okay, maybe I should have been paying more (or even ...

  12. Delays And Distractions

    I was about to inform Peretti about his new position, when a loud banging was heard from down the hall. “What the hell?!” I shouted. “Dammit!” Janzen yelled. “We barricaded the stairwells at either end of the hall, both he...

  13. Sit Rep

    Six of us left. Me, Mankowski, Peretti, Janzen, and the new kids, Abercrombie and James. “Mankowski,” I barked. “Sit rep!” “Ground floor’s infested, sir. Ghouls all over the place.” I could see the terror in hi...

  14. If You Want Your Children To Live... (Murder Challenge) (Mature)

  15. Preparation

    Okay. Here we go. It’s time to start. For the first time since I started going to school, I’m going to finish the year with a 4.0 GPA. Four-point-freaking-zero! I do this, and I’m getting that Porsche I pointed out to my dad last mont...

  16. Jesi

    Jesi, I apologize if this fails to do you justice. When I think of what little I know of you, from your writing and from comments of yours I’ve read, three things spring to mind. A passion for life in all it’s forms. Joy, most likely connec...

  17. The Last Reading

    I was getting ready for school, when I felt this overwhelming urge to do a tarot reading. I was already running late, but… It was just social studies first period, and G.I. Jane was the biggest pain-in-the-ass teacher. So, I sat down at my desk a...

  18. The Barn

    It stood alone. Empty. Abandoned. Since the original owners had vanished, many had tried to live on the old farm. Those that survived never spoke of what they saw in the few days, sometimes the few hours, that they lived there. The house, itself, was f...

  19. Dog Troubles

    Jim got out of bed, stretched, and looked out the window. “Damn it!” he yelled. He grabbed his housecoat and ran downstairs. Eliza, already up, was having breakfast when he stormed by the kitchen. “What’s up, honey?” she a...

  20. The Captain's Solution

    Captain’s Log – August 22, 2217 Quiet. So quiet. And peaceful. Crew problems solved. No more insubordination from my second. No more fourth rate food from the cook. No more insane rants from the engineer. Oh, sure, they started screaming af...

  21. A Captain's Rant

    Captain’s log – August 18, 2217 Command HQ is a large gaggle of addled, brain dead, ignorant pencil-pushers who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives! This includes my wife who set up this damned crew roster. Could they ...

  22. The Muffin-ator!

    Listen, and understand. That Muffin-ator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… Ever… Until you are full!

  23. Internal Memorandum

    Date: - Name: God Subject: Revelations Recipient(s): All It has come to My attention that certain future events have been released to the public. Let it be known that the so-called “Book of Revelations” was intended to be strictly eyes-only...

  24. Brainstorming

    “Yo! You home?” I looked up as Robbie stepped into the kitchen. “Do you ever knock?” He smiled. “I’ll knock when you lock your front door.” I blinked. “Fair enough. Good timing, though.” “What...

  25. Memory Lapse

    I was just about to hang up when I heard dad pick up the phone. “Yeah?” His customary, eloquent greeting. “Hi, dad. Catch you at a bad time?” I asked. “Nah. Had to run downstairs to catch the phone. The one upstairs was de...

  26. He Snaps! (Anger - 7DS Challenge)

    “That’s it. THAT IS IT!” His yells echoed through the forest, accompanied by the terrified screams of the children. “I have freaking well had it with you arrogant, greedy little brats!” He flipped over the picnic table, sp...

  27. At The Crime Scene

    The officer flipped open his notepad. “Alright, Mr…” He paused, looking at the owner of the house. “Bear. Everyone calls me Papa.” “Mr. Bear. What time did you return home?” Papa Bear thought for a moment. R...

  28. I'm Here To Be The King!

    Just before I fired, I clocked myself on the head with a rock. What the hell was I thinking?! Turns out, the grandfather paradox is a load of bunk. The cosmic puzzle. So, here I was, saving myself from myself by knocking myself out… I’m goi...

  29. Red Riding Hood - Old School (We're All Grownups Here Challenge)

    I woke up in a closet. How did I get here?! I thought. There was someone with me. An old lady in a nightgown. Wait… Maybe… I checked. She had a pulse. Okay. An old lady, not a corpse. She was unconscious, though. I heard voices outside. I c...

  30. I'm Here To Save The King

    I lined up my shot. I had to fix this. Everything had gone wrong, and it was up to me. After all, it was my fault to begin with. That sadistic bastard was a million times worse than his father. I took careful aim. I had to be right on with this. If I m...

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