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Husband. Father: two boys. Guinness fan. Scotch whisky admirer. Poker player: live since mid ‘80s; online since ‘00. Activities: goalie (beer league), curler (more beer), golfer (even more beer), soccer (coach and player).


I’m “in computers” by profession so I have a few venues as creative outlets. This may be another. My interaction is usually directly proportional to my need to relieve stress.

I am driven by inspiration: without it, I am usually silent.

I will strive to comment on at least 5 recent/random stories for every one I write.


  1. ...for Humans Only

    “You can’t order me around, you know. You’re just a machine.” “That’s true. Let me contact your parents. Oh, wait. They’re dead.” “Stop being so mean!” “I’m not mean. I simply have...

  2. Modern Magic

    Another mistake. Another solemn lecture. The guru stroked his grey beard and stared at the apprentice across from him, expectantly. He was neither impatient nor frustrated with the youngster. He was attempting to impart a deep and vast knowledge in a s...

  3. The Universal Constant

    Entropy. …………………………………………..

  4. Twisted Economics

    I was broke and I didn’t care anymore. I had nothing left but a handful of crumpled dollar bills, some spare change, and a phone number. I was indifferent to the world around me, to the downpour that soaked my worn clothing, and the world cared n...

  5. Eyes Wide Open

    My drogue scout, busy collecting plasma from the accretion disc, suffered some sort of catastrophic failure. It was thrown from its stable orbit and began the fall towards the singularity of the black hole. The mother ship had plenty of time to punch m...

  6. Taking Care

    Up until the end, she was happy. She played with the kids and enjoyed her long, aimless walks in the fields. She had a real love for the outdoors and I tried to accommodate her as much as I could, especially toward the end. But today, I knew it wouldn&...

  7. The Honeymoon Stage (Mature)

  8. Meanwhile, At That Very Moment In South London...

    A man in a filthy macintosh scurries from lamp post to lamp post, oblivious to his complete and utter visibility on this sunny spring day. Children giggle and point as they pass the poor fellow hiding behind a post box, yet he remains convinced he is i...

  9. And Now For More of the Same

    A door opened and a meek looking man hesitantly approached the front desk. “Can I help you?” asked the Constable. “I’m not sure,” stammered the man. “Is this Scotland Yard?” “It is,” replied the Con...

  10. Murder is His Middle Name

    The toad backed away, hesitant of what to do next. Only that insipid hamster lay between him and freedom. Any other day, he would push through the bumbling fool effortlessly. This time, however, he did not have the courage. The portly hamster, lost in ...

  11. Good Seeing

    The sky is large on large days and small on small days. This is life on the prairies. A thunderstorm brews and you can’t see across the yard for all the rain that’s falling. A winter storm strikes and the grey blanket is now a white one. Bu...

  12. Altered States

    I stood at the lone window and contemplated my past. My forty-second floor cube gave me an interesting view of the city. People filled the streets below, forming a rolling river of bodies awash in an urban neon glow. They were determined to be somewher...

  13. Taking Control

    Dear Jane, I’m afraid I must declare this relationship over. I’m sure you will recall all the good memories of being with such a handsome and successful man but I will only recall the bad memories of you doing your best to embarrass me and ...

  14. Miles Away

    “What’s the point, Dad?” the middle son asked. He was not mad, he just wanted to understand. Stephen adjusted the rear view mirror and caught the eyes of his children. “So we can enjoy the summer together. C’mon, guys. It&...

  15. "Open the curtains, will you, dear?"

    “Hmm. I wonder what’s going on over there?” “Where?” “See? By the bridge?” “Oh, yeah. Probably some stalled car.” “You think?” “It’s a flashing yellow light: just a tow truck...

  16. I'm done yet I'm not done?

    Home renovations: mobius strip of work! (60 character minimum: bane of brevity?)

  17. How To Get Fired


  18. Hair, Underestimated

    Gunther set the phone on the floor and gingerly rose out of the wetness. “Henry,” chastised Gunther, “there shall be no more evening buttermilk for you!” Despite his bladder’s lack of discipline, Henry the Dog showed no sh...

  19. Affectations Make the Man

    Gunther nodded at his reflection in approval. “A finely shaped beard reveals a finely tuned mind,” he recited. The scissors were replaced in their leather holder alongside the fine comb, tweezers, and other grooming accoutrements. He padded...

  20. Perfectionism Redux

    He rarely held the honours that his brethren did but at this precise moment, he would take the spotlight and perform his role to perfection. The intial move began fast, rising high above the usual positions. It was a flourish, he knew, and he relished ...

  21. Term Served

    “You know,” mused Sid, “There’s bound to be some haters.” His partner of three months nodded in agreement. “I know, I know,” Chaz lamented. “One thread gets picked up and the next thing you know, there...

  22. Technofromage Aged

    The gag reflex rises but it’s not nearly strong enough. He narrows his eyes and glares at her. “You’d better be kidding me.” “I’m not.” “Fine,” he sighs. “Let’s hear it.” She pulls...

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