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At the beginning when mush squished in my nose and I felt the world through my mother’s skin, I grabbed words by the umbilical cord. Now cut, dry, and old, I pull on any cord I can find that ends with a word of purpose in this unfathomably perturbing world.

I write.


  1. Paper Lifes and Classes

    All eyes were on the man as he scribbled in quick jerks over the whiteboard. He turned around and repeated the words slowly. “Sometimes the most undesirable things in life are what we desire. Love as we know it, our beautiful love, is conditional...

  2. Fine

    Dear non-religious person that I haven’t known for the last two weeks, I am never buying a cheap ring again. The Preacher.

  3. Penelope (Mature)

  4. Parodie of Eart

    Don’t you feel the integration of the isolation with all the insinuating of life’s siren? Ive felt it for days, I’ve parodied with the slaves Pears for Peacocks, they cried what the hell is this dock open for? Spread wider! what!...

  5. Here's to my Great-Grandparents

    Alien limbs rained around Dakota, her methodical yet desperate push forward went slowly. Her swollen limbs were pulsating dark ringlets of pain, and she glanced at Brian pathetically. What the hell could he do? Dead or alive – Test or no test, sh...

  6. Merry Joy n the Rounds She Took

    I know this girl that’s ridden under the eaves of Sodom, Strangling the gods with her underwater rack, pumping her sack, the downward of intrepid denying, sweetheart, she ain’t crying She stand to the freezing wind then turn and slap him i...

  7. Born to be Roman - Failure

    The master was stalking along the rows of studious persons, their minds bent and shoulders arched artistically like the paint strokes. The softness of his presence behind them edged into their reality, building a comfort-fraught pressure that gave them...

  8. Born to be Roman - Love Life (Mature)

  9. Letter of Reply

    Dear writer, In reply to your last letter, damn you. Pick pocketing excuses like you own them… Am I such a futile enemy? I’m more than a blockade – yes, I pride myself. I’m a gate. And you never have the key…do you? Coveto...

  10. Before You am I

    The intense embryo wriggled in mother’s liquid. Artificial mama. It was the best that the secreting world of science in all its mind-raping glory could provide for the young one. “What is this?” The interrogation of fragile lips linge...

  11. Still Going

    I loved her the way the sun loves his planets, fragmented with necessity. The lack of pain is the disaster I’ve been waiting for, like the smallpox scar left on the limp form of my grandmother’s arm…It no longer bothers her. Love is that disgusti...

  12. Nimue's Child (Mature)

  13. A Keeper

    “Let’s subside now, with issues at stake. Invite the lion inside, let it dine..” “Shut up Caleb.” I know she knows. But I can only obsess. My arm caresses her. “You love it.” I grin. The bonnet of my heart was ...

  14. Deckhand's Remains

    I wasn’t stealing. It was sitting there, stinking. The grime latched onto my skin as I reached it out from its eave of hiding. My new friend, I decided, patting it beside me on the bench. Then I shuffled his contents, opening his innards. Surrept...

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