March 10th

This is the International Day of Awesomeness. An explanation can be found here.

Go. See.

So be awesome, and write this post.


YOU are awesome and you can do this. Leave your awesome thoughts below.

What is awesome?
Why are you awesome?
When is the most awesome time?
How can we all learn to be more awesome?
Where is it best to be awesome?

Go. Do.

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Comments (4 so far!)

  1. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish


  2. Avatar

    awesome is … to crush your enemies, have them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    awesome is eating chocolate ice-cream…at sunset…on a Hawaiian cruise…with Dr Who…while Enrique Iglesias sings to you…and Leonardo DiCaprio massages your feet.

    We can all learn to be more awesome by putting a paper bag over our heads and running down the street yelling… because different is cool.

    I may have got a little carried away there.
    Abby x

  4. Avatar The Ghost in the Machine LoA

    (Bad Idea + Boredom) x Stupidity= Awesome Story.

    That is all.