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Headline is part of the challenge. " I just helped a friend move into their apartment. The next day they found 37 clowns under their porch.

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  • Started July 28th, 2013.
  • Ended October 31st, 2013.
  • Created by 32 ^2

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    I’m doin’ it.

  2. Avatar 32 ^2

    I want to tell you all I’m amazed. If I entered it’d be so morbid, MATURE wouldn’t be enough. Think missing children, toy store salesperson…Yeah, totally messed up.

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    Sorry peeps, image apparently not available. Will try to find mirror.

  4. Avatar HopeBear

    Eep! Just submitted my first Ficly under this challenge :)

  5. Avatar Robert Quick

    Creepy pic . . .

  6. Avatar Kihd

    Reddit is the bomb.

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